September 10, 2011

I'm calling it a Newspaper Stand

A few weeks ago when I had an appointment in San Antonio I took the opportunity to have Kristi of Junkology  give me a personal tour of her booths at Homestead Handcrafts off of Thousand Oaks in San Antonio. 

Her spaces are very creative- Just like her! She is constantly coming up with something new to create- and her space shows it! Some of my favorite things were vintage school word flash cards, old school desks from waaayyy South Texas, and some really Neat-o vintage varsity sweaters, blankets and jackets! Can we say-- Football Season?????? 

However- the first thing my eye spotted when we were at her booth was a really cool old rusty 'I'm calling it Newspaper Stand' propped in the corner. I knew it needed a new home away from this booth!

I also had in mind where I wanted it to live at my house! I have to apologize- I did not take any before pics of what/how I had all these books displayed previous to moving the newspaper cart in. Just know there were two old trunks and a glass plant/cake stand that they were resting on.

I opened the cart to make it stand on the back two legs and set it up outside to test it out.

Then wanted to make sure the books would work on it....

Rolled the stand inside and started to work loading it with books- Not just any books----- I have a little thing for books about this great State---so the vast majority of the books in this part of my house are about Texas! They filled the cart quite well! My kids will have a plethora of info when it comes time to study Texas History for school! I left one of the trunks- now turned on it's side, moved the basket of vintage wood blocks and have a new little display! The newspaper cart has a new home- and so does the large chest--- it is now a side table for a few other old cowboy books!

I like to think that a cart that at one time was holding Daily Current Events is going to now enjoy holding onto Texas History!

Kristi and I had a great time visiting- she is so down to earth! The extra exciting part of Kristi---- She had such fun visiting our Barn Sale last year with Amy Boland that she was the FIRST vendor to sign up for a booth this year! She has been B-U-S-Y creating all sorts of goodies to bring with her in November! I hope you get to meet her on November 5th- she will look forward to meeting you!

If you miss our show - you can find her goods at Homestead Handcrafts in San Antonio. So since she was the first to sign up for a vendor space- we are highlighting her goodies first!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

We can't wait to see you on November 5th!
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