August 25, 2011

Blog Buddies

In Blog land it is so easy to 'visit' with fellow junkers, crafters, hoarders bakers, and anything else you have in common with someone. It's amazing the contacts you can make- just through a few little typed words! These are people all over the place!

I've laughed at Vintage Susie and Wings from California and cried with Lisa of The Garden Cat in Washington State--and one thing I notice---- we enjoy each other because we appreciate the same things!

Recently a sweet lady- Lisa Love Harris- that I call a friend (since we had a great time meeting and visiting in Warrenton last year) was visiting her home state of Texas by way of Washington state--- she is Really looking forward to moving back- despite our Horribly Hot Dry Texas summer that we were having when she was here!

Back to the story- She was trying to hook up with Kristi of Junkology 101 (they had never met) and I was trying to hook up with her--- The God part of it--- The one day she was available in San Antonio I had an appointment scheduled there!

So....I asked sweet Lisa  (Peace, Love, and all the Good Stuff) to join Kristi, Amy Boland and me for lunch which turned into brunch..... none of us knew the others were trying to get together- so when we figured it out- we made a time work for all of us! And Panera Bread has probably never heard so much laughing and giggling from a bunch of Moms as they did that morning! We know we will enjoy each others friendships for many years to come!

The sad part of the morning was that Tracy could not join us- so she wanted us to photo shop herself into the pic! ;-) We hope the next time we are all together that Tracy will be part of it! I'm thankful for my 'blog buddies' and the opportunities that I've had to visit with them- I know they are in my life for a reason- and for now I'm enjoying the friendships!!


Well, I wasn't kidding about the photoshopping myself into the picture thought. Since I get to do the blog stuff, I didn't want miss out on ALL the fun. So here's what I would have been doing had I been with these ladies that morning . . .


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