July 28, 2011

Who are the girls?

Who exactly are we? Well, we'll start by sayin' we're a couple of girls who enjoy fixin' things up a bit and showin' them off . . . in and out of a barn.

We fix up all kinds of things. If it's red or turquoise, rusty or chippy, we pretty much put our name on it. If it hints of bygone days or if it has a little burlap or gingham tacked on, it just might be something we loved on a little and fixed up for you.  Rusted Gingham. It's a name. It's what we create. It's a little slice of who we are. The girls at Rusted Gingham.

When it’s Barn Sale time (1st Saturday in November 2011)  you’ll find us both busy at the barn. We both love that. We also both love iced tea, pretty aprons, sweet things to eat, and chocolate (which we mentioned  separately due to our devoted love of all things chocolate)! We are both stay at home moms with two children, both native Texans, are both Aggies, and both love the Lord.

Now we're going to get real personal and give you a look at something more revealing . . . something that clearly defines deep values within us . . . something that most definitely differentiates the two of us right down to our toes . . . and that would be our shoes, of course.

Just take a look here at snapshots of pretty much the only footwear found in our respective closets. Pretty revealing, huh! Need we get any more personal than this? Probably not.

Most people get a kick out of hearing how different we are. Although we are partners, Suzanne is a country gal and Tracy is a city gal. Well, more like a town gal, but city gal sounds better. So we’ll stick with that for now. So here’s a little more info to help with keepin’ the two of us straight. We're glad for you to know we are birds of a feather (sisters-in-law), we stick together (friends),  and one of us wishes she was as tall as the other . . .

 The Girls at Rusted Gingham's

Glossary of Terms

 (help for those of you who aren't from around here)

barn sale - nope. Not what you’d think. We don’t sell barns. We just like barns and stuff you find around them. So we have the sale in and around the barns! By the way, the next one is the first Saturday in November (the 5th). Hope to see y'all there!

y’all - a Texan word used to warmly include everyone we’re talking about, as in ”We want y’all to come to the Barn Sale this year!” Notice: although we gals are Texan, we do understand the English language. Therefore, you will never catch us using poor grammar such as “you’s guys”, or “you’uns” or other such words that some folk use who live farther up north from here. Thank you.

fixin’ - Texan for “about to”, as in “We’re fixin’ t' start the sale.” or “preparing” as in “We’re fixin’ dinner.” or “making beautiful” as in “We’re fixin’ up the place for the sale”. Not to be confused with “fixins” below.

fixins - (different from above). Fixins are things you eat. Food; the rest of the meal, excluding the main dish. Sometimes we grill burgers and ask our friends to bring the fixins. (the vegetables, condiments, or anything you like to slap on a burger) Fixins are not limited to burgers, but this is it‘s most common reference.

Aggie - A proud student or former student (alumni) of the most prestigious school in Texas, Texas A&M University - whoop!

chocolate - a necessary indulgence, considered the perfect complement to our daily vitamins

goin’ t’ town - a phrase a gal uses to describe the distant journey from her happy home to a place bigger and farther away that offers noticeable forms of human civilization and opportunities to shop, eat, and otherwise spend hard earned money, as in “I’ll see ‘ya later, honey, I’m goin’ t’ town.”

Well, there you have it. You're now up on the girls at Rusted Gingham. If you want to know more, then you’ll have to go read some of the great posts we’ve written. If you want to read about the Barn Sale, you can click HERE for info or HERE for pictures and stories.

What did we leave out that you'd like to know? 
Give us an idea and we'll see what we can do.

Suzanne and Tracy