July 26, 2011

Two Things Money Can't Buy

Before leaving for vacation I posted about using Green tomatoes- there was a reason- I knew when I returned there wouldn't be too many green ones.... They did what tomatoes do best--- 
Turned gorgeous Tomato Red!

I've found- There are Two things Money can't Buy----

TRue LoVe- And - HomeGrown Tomatoes!

So- if you don't have your own tomatoes 
growin' in a garden by your home... 
Please find some at a Farmers' Market or a friend's garden- 
picked warm from the summer sun-
Best kind ever! We eat them like candy around here!


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  1. Hey there girlie! The 'maters look DEElicious! I just read about your upcoming Barn Sale and can't wait to come to this one!!!! We are going to make it an annual event. :)

  2. Susan,
    We cannot wait to see your sweet smiling face again!!! Maybe you can come in Friday and stay at a B&B so you won't have to wake up so early this time!!! ;-)
    @Susan S.


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