July 07, 2011

My Cool Craft Jars

Did you miss the Barn Sale last year? I hope not. But I have to confess that even though I was there, I missed getting around to see all the great things that were for sale. 

When I did make time to shop, it was toward the end of the day and most booths were very picked over. I did however, eagle-eye a man carrying out what was a sweet set of counter jars- maybe for pasta, sugar or candy- I like to think of them filled with candy!!!! 

I scrambled and tried buying them from him and his wife- but she said "No- they are going on my counter." The husband was willing to part with them.....but- instead he willingly carried them out to the car for his wife!

Low and behold- about 5 months after the sale the couple remembered how much I liked the jars and asked if I would like them- said they didn't fit in their kitchen like they thought they would- so they g-a-v-e them to me!!! Wowee---- I was super excited!!!! Only problem- when I was carrying out of their house I dropped one...... so what was a great set of 4- was now down to 3!

So- when I took the above pic I was already painting one of the lids..... see it was this burnt orange-ish color.....I don't have anything that color in my house so it was getting painted right away! I thought about painting all the same color- then went with these choices instead.

Brown, Turquoise and Red. Great color choices for me..... I had to mix the Calypso and Forest green to get turquoise to explain the 4 colors and 3 lids!

They are painted and now filled with my own 'eye candy' of sorts....things to inspire me and that I use to create new goodies!

Hope you can find something really neat and functional at a garage sale or barn sale near you! (Or- just have people that think you might like something and they give it to you!!)


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