July 02, 2011

We pledge allegiance

pic of pledge

Before we begin the celebration, the picnic, the parade, the fireworks…we stop to remember why that flag is flying and what it stands for.

pic of kids on porch with flag

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. We do have spacious skies in Texas, and we see waves of grain in the fields nearby. We’re so glad to be Texans, but most thankful to be Americans – to live in a country founded by honorable men who put their trust in God. We have that same desire – it is in God we trust!
pic of kids and ice cream

Our Independence Day celebrations have sometimes been with family, and other times with friends. But there is always ice cream, watermelon, and a Big Ole’ Texas-sized Burger….

pic of burger and cup cake

We never miss an opportunity to show our spirit and wear our red, white, and blue.

pic of kids head to toe

Once properly painted and fed, we join small town Texas for a good old fashioned parade down Main Street! 

pic of parade
another pic of parade

We will be visiting with friends again this year.  Doing a bit of traveling. But as always, we’ll cut up a watermelon, grill some burgers, and get curbside spots for the parade! Maybe we’ll see you there . . . we’ll be the ones dressed in red, white, and blue from head to toe!

the girls say happy 4th
Tell us how you will spend the 4th of July! How do you celebrate?

Suzanne and Tracy 


  1. Happy 4th of July to your beautiful families!!
    God Bless America!!

  2. Hey sweet girls!!! I hope that you both had a great holiday, and are having a fantastic summer!!!
    XoXxo amy


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