March 21, 2011

Garden Antqs Vintage Blog Party

We can’t wait to spend another day shopping in Warrenton
and joining some friends at Theresa Cano’s Garden Antqs Vintage Blog Party.
you might recognize us on the road…
Why go on Sunday night? Because this blog party’s where all the cool bloggers will be. And Theresa is the Mamma Bear Blogger …we all feel safe when we’re near her! Her blog is THE place to go to mingle with vintage loving, antique shoppin’, junk findin’, REAL people who love to surround themselves with all things beautiful. Theresa’s blog is full of pictures from tons of other dealers and friends across Texas. She tells you who they are, where to find them, and keeps it up to date almost daily. WOW. Theresa’s always got her finger on the pulse of Texas antiquing.

Gardenantqs-theresa-by amyboland
I think I was most impressed with Theresa’s sweet personality when I first met her. She’s just as real as they come, with absolutely no pretense. I believe she has a genuine love for people and is a gifted encourager. She has been the inspiration for many bloggers and the motivation for many to start their businesses. I believe she’s the rare kind of person that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

She keeps a low profile, but manages to rub shoulders with Michael Breddin, the owner of the Leftover's Antique Shop, during their party this last Fall. Never thought of it again until she pulled up the Magazine website and there they were. Theresa relates this story: “I had completely forgotten that I had stopped and taken a picture with Michael Breddin."


"If you haven't checked out this magazine you should try and find a copy
or you can order online.  They travel all over featuring shops,
restaurants, and great places in the state of Texas. ”


Theresa says she’s bringing a little bit of it all to Warrenton this Spring,
unique and
and just a whole lot of stuff.

She’s the best, and that’s why she has been featured in the recent publication of

Flea Market Style Magazine.

PORCH Magazine also highlighted Garden Antqs Vintage in their 2009 issue. Theresa’s just got that way about her that is just perfect for this venue. She’s always pretty in white mixed in with an offering of vintage and white stuff that just looks like it came right off her front porch. She makes it all look like it could belong in YOUR home with ease.

A little shabby, a little rustic, a whole lot of beautiful linens and ironstone, lacy pillows and baskets and something funky that she will make look just as cute as pie on a coffee table. You come see what she does with ordinary junque and unique vintage pieces. We’ll be there to be inspired once again by Theresa’s tent and her warm smile.

Come take a look at Garden Antqs Vintage right outside Zapp Hall in Warrenton. Theresa will be the one taking care of everyone and smiling all day.

We hope the blog party has a blast catching up and also shopping some exclusive hand made jewelry.  This year Theresa’s invited Diane from Rosa and Josies' to come and show her beautiful hand made jewelry.  Here's a quick peek at what she does:


It's Sunday, March 27th at 6pm!!  
Zapp Hall in Warrenton. 
Will we see you there?
Where to find Theresa and Garden Antqs Vintage this summer:                                                          
1) Antique Week in Texas starts March 18 and runs through April 2! Come and see us at  
    Zapp Hall Antique Show in downtown Warrenton, Texas from March 25-April 2.         
2)  The Antique Company Mall, 1st floor-Booth #036 ~ 213 E. Virginia, McKinney Texas    
3) June 25-26: The Big Red Barn Antique Show, Round Top, Texas                                

Stop by and let her know the Girls at Rusted Gingham say hello!
Hang around and buy something. You’ll be glad you did.

The girls at Rusted Gingham                                                    photos kindly borrowed from
WARRENTON OR BUST!                                                         Garden Antqs Vintage Blog,
                                                                                                Fiona and Twig, and our personal
                                                                                                event photographer, Amy Boland.
♥Suzanne and  Tracy