February 15, 2011

Turquois and Rhinestones

Two of my favorite things.
For those of you that don’t know me (Suzanne) - I wear Turquoise – a LoT
And Rhinestones- well – lets just say I like the old costume jewelry kind- 
always keeping an eye out for a GreAt Steal on those!!!! 

So when my photographer friend Shelli took this photo of 
Turquoise Dr. and Rhinestone Dr. and posted on facebook, I knew I had to have it!

So- sweet Shelli at (www.photographibyshelli.com) let me order a pic of the road signs. 
I was tickled! (She has lots more awesome pictures if you’re interested in prints. 
She was a vendor in our 2009 Barn Sale, and she does awesome work.)

Here’s how I ended up with the beautiful picture above.

First things first- Buy a cheap frame – mine came from Walmart

Check out the assortment of stones on hand….. 
Wound up using a large greenish turquoise cross to highlight 
the sign color along with a few chipped stones as well. 

Then went digging through stickers and scrapbook stones
since I couldn’t part with any of my vintage costume rhinestone brooches. 

… Break out the always handy Dazzle Tac
( I’m sure E6000 would work just as well). 

So I picked matching corners for each and glued/stuck on. 

Viola- It hangs proudly on my bathroom wall-
with some turquoise hanging around pretty close to it! 

Just a little something I made….. 

Take a minute and scroll through Shelli’s fun pictures on Facebook, or check out her website to see her entire gallery of creative photography.  

Turquois and Treats to you!


  1. Love the new lay-out, Great picture of two pretty ladies, I love turquois and rhinestones and think the picture & frame is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Shelli’s pictures are amazing!!!!
    & how cute is that frame!!! what a clever idea!


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