February 22, 2011

Resting at Reata Ranch Headquarters

On our way to Ft. Worth Stock Show each year,
we always take a detour to spend time with one of my Best Friends.
It’s such a beautiful little stop- and we love to go to her home whenever we can.
Now it’s more than a home- it’s also
Reata Ranch Gear Headquarters!

Reatta Ranch

A few years ago Candyce and I were talking on the phone while we were driving north to spend Christmas with family in cold Iowa country. She had this idea of blinging out sunglasses and making iPhone covers---- and wanted to get it all accomplished in time to set up at Denver Market in January. That was a very short time frame!

Denver Mart is ‘ The Primo’ in Western markets- so that is where she needed to be. I had no doubt that she would get all of this accomplished- And of course by the title of the post you can guess that she did!

Reatta Ranch was picked as a ‘Top New Vendor’ at Denver Market that year- and was featured in numerous publications along with Best New Products on RFD TV.

Since then- Reatta Ranch has been in Cowboy’s and Indians Christmas gift guide, a Sponsor of Miss Rodeo America- where each contestant wore a pair of her glasses for part of the pageant, and featured in just about every Western rodeo publication there is!

Candyce is as humble as they come. I love that about her- she always says everything is ‘Great’- Even in times that it’s not. She always helps me to see the positive in situations- I love that about her too. We met in an Ag class during our days at A&M- we’ve been best friends ever since- I love that too.

Reatta Ranch Headquarters

I thought I would give you a glimpse of Reata Ranch Headquarters- a bunkhouse looking kind of place- a place that turns out some amazing designs in eyewear and iPhone covers. Take a look for yourself at (www.reataranchtx.com).

The whole day of the sale this past year I was sporting a new pair of Reata Ranch eyewear- on my head- not on my eyes- I had to be able to see customers eyes when visiting!
my  Reatta Ranch Eyewear
We’ve been most pleased to have her here with us for the past two years selling her beautiful creations at the Barn Sale- knowing they are sold in stores across the United States, and some abroad as well- to have her here with us is such an honor and a Treat!!! Her smile is sweet- just like her!

iPhone coversReatta Ranch Eyewear

She keeps creating and new designs keep coming- great gift ideas for those that like a bit of western flair unlike any other!

A new design supports a wonderful cause-
It is a concho with a pink rhinestone ribbon
in support of breast cancer awareness -
and proceeds from the sale of these glasses
go to support breast cancer research!

We love our Reata Ranch Gear!!!

Have YOU picked up any Reata Ranch Gear?