November 30, 2009

2nd Annual Barn Sale Highlights

What a beautiful day! And to think that when we started checking our handy computer 10-day advanced weather forecasts, they said it would be raining! Oh my, we said lots of prayers for nice weather...and it turned out to be a perfect day. Of course we always wonder if we will be serving lemonade, iced tea, or hot cocoa on our sale never know in Texas! As you can see, many were comfortable in shorts on this day . . . and the cocoa was in the form of adorable stocking stuffers instead of warm mugs for the day! Granny's Cafe had lots of orders for cold drinks and snacks!

There were unique booths inside and outside the barn. Old things and new things. Dresses for little girls and sunglasses with lots of bling for the ladies. Christmas decorations and beautiful jewelry. Fresh produce, homemade breads and fudge, antiques, art, one-of-a-kind decorations, and lots of gift items.

Did I mention adorable jewelry? How about adorable jewelry makers? Our girls were excited to present their first ever Barn Sale booth, and we believe one of them was the first vendor to sell-out well before lunch! What a great experience for them to meet so many nice people and learn how to make a financial transaction. (We found out later that evening that their record-keeping skills needed a bit more attention, and we moms had to do some fancy reconciling to figure out their bottom line!)

Bottom line for all of us was that we had a totally great day greeting you and meeting you and showing you what can happen when you add a little creativity, a little bit of old, a little of new, and  inspiration from sisters, friends, and cousins!

All good things have to come to an end . . . at least until next year!

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