September 19, 2010

She doesn't measure up

Sometimes I just don’t measure up. Especially if it has to do with sports or trivia or politics.

I’ve never measured up to an average height for a female, nor do my feet measure up an average width for a shoe. I’m a little on the short and narrow side of each.

My Barn Sale sister-in-law doesn’t measure up, either. She doesn’t measure up to me at all. She’s much taller and, well, her feet are l o n g e r. (Look here, her boots prove it.) But she also doesn’t measure up in the kitchen.

I caught her a few weeks ago. I was watching her bake something and wanted to learn how to make it myself. But she doesn’t measure up. Meaning, she doesn’t measure! Meaning my kind of measuring, you know, with spoons and cups and bowls. No, no. This girl just cups her hand and scoops and brushes it out in the bowl.  Doesn’t see if the liquid is on the line, she just pours. Unbelievable.

pier1_measuring_cupsWhy did I give her these cute measuring cups from Pier One this year? Yes, I thought they would be adorable in her country kitchen, but I expected them to be used for measuring, not decoration! I use mine all the time. And they make me smile. I image myself cooking like my sister-in-law in the kitchen when I use my cute measuring cups . . . except that she doesn’t measure!

Look what fun she’s missing out on! I saw these cups here and just fell in love with them. Wouldn’t it be fun to measure everything with a heart? (that is, IF you were a measurer!)
These beautiful measuring cups below are from Anthropologie's kitchen collection.
Makes me want to make something spicy! Salsa, guacamole anyone?

073106_095_b    073106_095_m1 073102_095_b

Well, you heard it here first. Suzanne doesn’t measure up. Not much at all. 
But look what she creates without measuring . . .


Am I the only one who measures up?

(go see Suzanne's design site if you want to see more unmeasured masterpieces!)


  1. Well sometimes I measure up and sometimes I don't! Depends who you ask?? Oh sorry that's another post..haha. Cute stuff girls!! I keep creating and I'm getting excited!

  2. Hey Suzanne~
    Thanks for stopping by! Making the crepe rosettes is super technical...are your ready?
    I just hot glued a little bit to the back of the scalloped circle (along the outer edge) and started gathering the crepe paper...glue, gather, glue, gather...etc. AFter a couple, you'll get the hang of it. Be'll have some singed fingertips.
    Happy birthday to your little sweetie!

  3. Tracy, the measuring cups that you have shown are ADORABLE!!
    Suzanne, the Barn Chick cookies look divine. I could seriously eat a dozen of your cookies--by myself--right now!!


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