February 10, 2010

4 Days Before Valentines

Wow--- So how is it possibly just days before Valentines??? I think I was just putting away Christmas….. Oh- I guess I was!!! It takes me at least a week to get Christmas down at my house- if that tells you how much Christmas décor I have- and that I put as much of it out at possible each year!

Now- if I can just get organized next year and really label all the bags and totes correctly we will be on a new and wonderful path! Truly- Christmas has been down for a few weeks- and what little Valentine décor I have is up… always fun.

Included in the valentine décor is birds--- Yes- my house has gone to the birds! I’ve never considered myself a ‘bird’ person- In fact – when we bought this place there were ceramic bird house knobs on all the kitchen cabinets- they were the first thing to go!
Ok- back to birds- so they have taken over my branches---- I have some old vintage red birds hanging around on them- and then I also have darling little ‘clip on’ birds Tracy made……. (hint,hint…If you like them- leave us a comment and we will randomly pick a winner to receive two free barn chic birds. Winner will be announced on Monday, February 15th. ) The ones I have were from our first barn sale- I love them!!! They are on our clothespins with these fabulous magnets on the back- so they fly around in the house depending on where I want to use them!

I’m working on some valentine ideas--- there are so many options out there--- I’ve been on a huge chocolate kick lately…..so something with chocolate is definitely in the realm of possibility- Do you have plans to make anything wonderful for Valentines? I’m doing cakes for a wedding reception this weekend- what a great weekend for a reception- Feb 13th… Love is in the air………
It’s ‘Stock Show Season’ here at our home- my cattleman husband is busy helping 4-H kids at shows all over this great state. The kids and I try to visit a bit- so we can enjoy his sweet smiles for a while- and so I don’t have to do all the feeding while he’s gone! Thanks to a wonderful neighbor boy for taking on this task while we are away!

We’ve just arrived back from the Ft. Worth steer show- always a joy to see old friends and catch up while we can! The kids find all sorts of creative things to do in hotel rooms- and fun ways to stay occupied while in the barns……We did get to visit the Children’s museum in Ft. Worth- well worth the time and money!!!!

So- I’m back and will be busy in the kitchen……..I made a stop in Ft. Worth at Central Market before heading home- and yes- I bought some great chocolate there! Can’t wait to see what it turns into!

Treats- Suzanne