December 12, 2009

12 Days Before Christmas

Thought I'd bring a little Christmas cheer and blessings to the blog - after all --- it IS TWELVE Days Before Christmas. Yikes! Here are a few glimpses of what's going on around my home as we prepare for Christmas.

Our annual tree cut - it’s such fun --- trying to find the perfect tree to come live with us for a month!  It holds precious ornaments from photos to handmade to mementos of trips taken- so it has to be just right!  The Abrameit family is so sweet- and we always look forward to our visit at their farm.  This photo is by a tree at the farm- we had already cut ours down by the time I could get someone to take this photo- just know- our tree is perfect for our decorations!  The kids were so excited to bring the tree in and decorate it- with a 5 year old and a 2 year old- all soft and unbreakable ornaments are packed onto the bottom 15 inches of tree branches- it was fun to watch them put the ornaments in just the right spots!

Snowflakes in south Texas in December!!!!   Yes - it really did happen- at least for 15 minutes on December 4th.  What a treat- we looked outside and there was white stuff flying around- a site to behold as we were finishing decorating our home for Christmas!

I quickly got the little one dressed - the older of my two ran for her snow pants, hat, gloves and had them on quicker than I could get my jacket out!  I had video camera and small camera in hand- so if you look closely - you can actually see a little white dot or two in their photo!

Speaking of snowflakes- in celebration of the ones that fell - here is a photo of a cake today that I used snowflake stencils along with gold and silver sparkle sugar to make them shimmer!  Under all that good frosting is a hummingbird cake - hope the couples at the golf Christmas luncheon enjoy it!  It's a busy time of year for baking- the house smells so good!!!  

So if I'm too busy baking to blog again between now and then- Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your families!



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