October 23, 2017

Join us at the Turquoise Table!

Our good friend, Tara, of Royer's Pie Haven is sharing today. We love her heart, her sisterhood, and her pie (which will be in the barn soon)!

From Tara:
Earlier this year I reached out to Kristin Schell about coming to The Gathering at
Round Top at Royers Pie Haven. I hoped she would do a book signing for her new
book, The Turquoise Table. Of course, I had no idea if she would say yes or even
answer. Well, she answered and showed up. She even was a guest speaker and
shared how God had breathed life into her dry bones. Her book, The Turquoise
Table, is a beautiful book about gathering, showing up and loving.

See we don’t have turquoise tables at Royers Pie Haven but we have pie that brings
them to the table; then we have the opportunity to sit and listen. To be still together.
To hear each other’s stories and shine Christ. The table doesn’t have to be
in a fancy place & you don’t even have to bake a pie (PS you can buy one from us,
haha!!). It’s just being intentional to show up and provide a safe place for others to
sit and be heard. To be loved. To bring unity and not division. Put the table in your
front yard, heck at a school or even at work, since we have Royers Pie Haven that
makes it easy for us. A simple cup of coffee, glass of iced tea and some slice & bake
cookies are perfect.

(These sweet ladies gathered at a table during Barn Sale to drink coffee and visit!)

Next week, Nov. 3rd & 4th, we will be selling pies at The Rusted Gingham Barn Sale
in Gonzales; there will be turquoise tables there (well- ones with turquoise covers)!! Y’all can come and gather around the table &eat pie together. Heck y’all can buy a whole one to stick in the
freezer and pull out for the next time you gather around the table.

Won’t you join us in being intentional to show up, love and gather? Oh and shop, too.

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