October 29, 2016

Barn Sale 101

Hey y'all--- people keep telling me how many days it is till Barn Sale.... My, November is getting here faster every year!  We are fine tuning all the little details that we can to make the Barn Sale a memorable one for you!  The vendors are FABULOUS... so that in itself is the reason to come!

Well, I thought I would do a quick 'low down' on the Barn Sale - kind of a 101 class....

Some have asked- 'Where is Gonzales?' -- We clear this up on our blog.  Gonzales is NOT in the Valley!  We are an Easy Peasy hour drive from San Antonio, Austin, Victoria, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Pleasanton and anything else in that radius!  Gonzales is about 13 miles south of I-10 off Hwy 183. So we are really central to just about half of Texas!!!

$3 at the Door- Really, that's it- $3 one dollar bills  - or 12 quarters - or 2 one dollar bills and 4 quarters.... you get the drift!  And yes- We prefer $1 bills... hint hint, wink wink, in admission lingo- 'Please have correct change'
All of these ladies had their cash ready last year on Friday afternoon!

Can We bring carts in- Absolutely!  The Barn is very easy to shop- but when you spy something you want.... Well, it's best to buy it at that point, because it might not be there when you come back for loop #2.  So, carts can be very handy and helpful from that standpoint!

Parking-- It's Free!  There is a large field to the left of the Barn when you pull in- you may park in rows there or keep driving past the Showbarn around to the Expo where there is a paved lot as well.

 Is it really in a BARN?  --- Yep, a Big, Huge Showbarn!  Don't worry- there aren't any animals to worry about, or poop to step in... so wear your fancy boots!

Do we need to spend the night?--- Well, Yes!  Whether you shop Friday night or Saturday... Friday night shoppers can enjoy the Barn Sale till the V-E-R-Y end... then head downtown for some fabulous restaurant and bar selections... sleep in a comfy downtown renovated historic setting and wake up to some yummy breakfast options.  Then head back to the Barn Saturday morning to see if you missed anything!  After that take in all the stores downtown Saturday-- some super fabulous shops await you! Saturday shoppers- come in and stay Friday night so you can wake up refreshed, eat a good breakfast in town and be at the Barn before it opens with your $3 to get your band and be ready to shop!  Then when you've finished at the Barn head downtown for more great shopping- Do the St. Joseph Street stroll...... (we've listed lodging, shopping and eateries on the Gonzales Info link of blog)

Food????  YES-- There are some amazing Food selections at the Barn!  The tamales and Chili are talked about ALL year long, Royers Pie Haven- Sweet and Savory, 4-H kiddos with Chicken Salad & Pimento Cheese sandwiches along with cupcakes, cookies, bars, snack mixes, spicy crackers, decorated sugar cookies....Kolaches may make an appearance and possibly some cinnamon rolls... Oh, and some Sweet Tea, Cocoa Coolers, Water or other assorted drinks to wash it all down with! There are also tables and chairs to sit and enjoy the food and the view!

Live Music-- YES!!!  Ain't no Grave is Back again!  Save some money to tip this God Loving family!

Cash/Credit Card/Checks- YES!!!  Most vendors will prefer Cash.... Most accept checks and several will have a Card Reader (but Not all.)  So come prepared!  There is NOT an ATM machine at JB Wells park- you will have to go across the road to Circle G if you need that... or any bank in Gonzales!

What else is there to do in Gonzales?  Well, besides the above mentioned downtown shopping, Gonzales is FULL of History! Our Old Jail is a huge attraction as is our Memorial Museum- let's just say it is a hidden gem.  The phrase 'Come and Take It' was coined right here in Gonzales... so if you are up on Texas History- you will like our town!  Our Visitor Center is located inside the Historical Old Jail! There are over 80 Historically Recognized buildings (including our Fabulous driving tour of Historic homes) here in Gonzales.  So, if you like architecture.... you will enjoy the Historic buildings and homes Gonzales has to offer.  Fall in love with the town???  I know several real estate agents that would love to visit with you!

 http://www.texashighways.com/images/72_Cannon.jpg That's The Day Tripper whom we had the pleasure of meeting a few months back!

Buying big furniture???  There are boys available for tips to help carry to your car! 

Is it Kid Friendly??  Why- we happen to think so!!!

Well, Rain or Shine- The Barn has a roof and we've got the vendors... So make your Way to Gonzales this Friday from 4-8 or Saturday from 9-4.  It's a Fun time!  You will see things you like, things that make you smile, and maybe a few things you cannot live without.  You will be able to eat- or take food home with you and You will be able to hear amazing music.  So, there you have it- It's the place to be this weekend.... That wraps up Barn Sale 101.  Hope to meet you Friday or Saturday!!!

Counting down the days.....
Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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