October 06, 2015

Vendors Round 3....

Warrenton is officially over and now vendors are getting geared up for Barn Sale!  We talked to a few of our vendors there- the ones we could get to!  We missed several others- sorry!!  We are looking forward to all the creativity coming this way.....

First up is Boutique 1225 and NuLuv Goat milk products.  Jim and Kayleen have a lot of handmade goodness to wrap up in for fall- all sorts of capes, shwarmers (It is a new word in the world of wraps), double capes, bohemian skirts, scarves and NuLuv Goat Milk Products... rumor has it that IF they have kids (little goats) at that time they just might bring them for kiddos to enjoy! These two have been a treat to have in the barn- we welcome them back!
 These soaps and lotions are super soft and smell great!  Test them while you are in the barn!

Maya Vintage  comes to us for their first time from Austin- we are excited about this fun new Vintage Vendor- her photos show great pieces that she has found and is willing to part with! Please welcome her to the Barn and show her some vintage love!

 Oh boy- This next one- I just smile when I type this name... gLeaNinGs - that is how they use it and so will I. They will be joining us for their 4th time- and they Absolutely LOVE the Barn Sale!  They love all the shoppers--- So do we- would not be the sale it is without fabulous shoppers!  gLeaNinGs specializes in Christmas items (vintage) and rusty chippy home decor.
 Ms. Beth smiles the whole time (I think y'all might think I'm making this stuff up- but I'm not... maybe we just have the happiest vendors around- but it's true...the ones that I say smile- Smile!!!) I love this fun kitschy vintage look- rust and vintage Christmas trees all wrapped up into one- she has  a great eye for good stuff and displays it very well.  We are tickled to have Beth back!

 Next up is a trio that started out as a duo of ladies.... This will be their 7th showing with us--- Yes- All but one barn sale!!!  They can tell you about the 'beginning' in the barn- out in the country...... Back to them-  Accumulations You have no idea how excited I am to be able to link them- these were my kind of ladies... no email and certainly no Facebook until recently.... look out world-
Brandy, Mickie and Aunt Frankie specialize in Vintage and Antiques- and my goodness they do a great job displaying their wares!

I get the best hugs from Mickie every year- I think she knows just when I need one... SO happy to have them back- they too Love the Barn Sale (all because of the awesome shoppers!) I can't wait to visit with Aunt Frankie- pretty sure she has some good stories to share....

Up next is a new 'duo' however half of this duo has been with us the past two years and has really enjoyed it... I guess she talked about it so much that her hubby who has been 'collecting' hoarding for the past few years decided to give this 'show business' a try and now he is hooked!  So we are delighted to have LaLa Designs and Scott of Junk Monkey Studio together at Barn Sale '15.  LaDonna has absolutely stunning handcrafted jewelry- and Scott, well he likes vintage; kitchenware, toys, games, furniture, cameras, woven wall hangings, chalkboards..... guess you could say if it's vintage he likes it!

LaDonna makes absolutely stunning works of art- our show photographer last year bought an amazing necklace that she wears a lot!  I have no idea how LaDonna sees parts of something and can piece them together into a stunning wearable work of art- but she does it!  She usually has the help of her precious Mama in the booth- felt like I had known her for years the first time I met her!  Be sure and welcome Junk Monkey for his first time- and Welcome LaLa Designs back again- they are looking forward to being in the Barn!

Included in this round is the beautiful Julie Bennett of Yipiokya and her stylish repurposed upcycled clothing!  You just might see me wearing one of her original designs at the barn sale this year.....

 I saw this crazy cool Texas banner in her booth- the Texas is made from all the labels she has recently cut out of pearl snap shirts when she upcycles them- Love it!!! 
Above is one of her upcycled pearl snap shirts- she was sewing on it in her booth when a lady came and said- I want that- so she finished sewing and the lady came back to make it part of her wardrobe!  Julie has a fabulous smile and we are delighted that she is with us for her 4th year!

Next is a first time vendor coming from slightly south in Victoria. Brocante told us on their application- 'Chippy, peely, rusty- I love it and Brocante sells it!'  Sounds like our kind of vendor!

Seriously- an old birdcage hanger + chandelier = stunning!  There are times when new applications come in with photos that we kind of go 'C-U-T-E, shoppers will love this' and hence they get selected to be in the Barn... As you can guess- Brocante was on that list this year! The old door shelf above with tiny birdcage and small shelf- so useful and saved something that would have otherwise been discarded!  We are looking forward to meeting this couple and hope they love being in the Barn!

And lastly for this week we are bringing another new vendor to you- Ella Pearl her first show was the George Strait Team Roping this year......uh hum..... She has a fun vintage cowgirl look about her Goods!  She specializes in Vintage, Repurposed, Handmade flea market finds and also provides clothing for plus size women- Sounds like she has a full range!!!  In one of the pics you will notice old suitcases with circles on them- those are radio suitcases.... seriously!!!  Plug in your device and listen in vintage style!

There you have another Round of Vendors--- This is so fun for us to go back through the photos and see all the Goodness coming to the Barn!!!  We hope you are getting just as excited as we are!  Please share these posts with your friends- the more the merrier! 

Save your pennies...... (said by a friend Nita that I ran into at Pie Haven when in Round Top last week)

See you soon...
suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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