October 14, 2015

Time for 5... the 5th round of vendors

We are barely half way through with the Vendor shout outs for our upcoming show!
I realized today that I've failed to mention... We had more vendors request larger booths- and we tried our best to accommodate.  That being said- we rearranged part of the barn layout to not only give room for larger spaces- but also we have more vendors than ever--- We bumped to over 80 this year!!

Now- for those of you who have heard about us from your friends or family- don't say, 'I don't need anymore stuff.'  WE can ALL say that- This show is all about the GoOdS that you can find - These goods may not be for you per-say, but gifts for family, teachers, friends, pets, neighbors, Christmas, parties, weddings, graduations, birthdays, babies and maybe a new outfit or two and on and on..... That is why we use- Vintage, Antique, Unique, Handmade, Remade and other wise made GoOdS to explain just what fills the Barn!

This show is also about Reconnecting- Girls weekend, Family weekend, Mother/daughter weekend, bring all the neighbors and have a block party weekend, day tripping, come to the barn after hunting weekend, after a rodeo- You get the drift...... It is a Great place to spend some time!!!!

 Some of these precious smiles have had their photo made together every year they have attended the Barn Sale- They are making memories together!!!

As you can tell- this is quite an event and we are sure proud to be part of it.....  So lets get acquainted with a few more vendors filling the barn this year!

Terra Cotta also known as Judy Spencer will be back with us this year- she has been a crowd favorite!
If you recognize these flowers you know exactly who we are talking about... She has all sorts of beautiful things made from clay- flowers, butterflies, birds, mosaics, crosses, vases.... come and tell this lady hello- she too has been doing shows for over 20 years- Wow!!

Next is a Newbie to us- but not to shows... Stacy of Vintage Bird will bring her style of repurposed birdhouses, Jewelry stands, upcycled bottles, and other goodies that have a shabby, french, vintage look to them.

This next group is pretty sweet and special- they are one of the few that have been with us since the barn out in the country....  They shopped first- driving up from Yoakum then the following year decided to come and be part of the Barn Sale- they have encouraged this venue ever since! We welcome back The Tin Shed and their refurbished furniture, Aromies air freshners, painted things and much much more....

Yes- Yet another shot of happy vendors!!!

By the way- almost all the photos you've seen from Barn Sale '14 were taken by the darling Lori Raabe 
She just might pinch me for putting her photo up- she is so used to being behind the lens.... However- I want each of you to know who this camera totin' lady in the barn is- she puts in long hours to cover this sale! Make way for her-

Take Flyte Farm will be back for their 3rd year- I think they are enjoying the Barn Sale!  This booth is always a stunning mix of pillows, bunting, furniture, signs- an all around welcoming fun booth!

They will be in the same spot as last year ready to welcome you in!  They just got finished with Round Top so I'm sure they are busy making more pillows and bunting- and painting furniture!

I am delighted to welcome back sweet Kate of Lucky 1300 from Pleasanton. She was only able to shop the Barn last year due to the birth of a most precious daughter but has not stopped junkin and creating! Vintage furniture ~ some painted with a cultured flair along with home decor and a little rusty stuff will be filling her booth, oh- and a small amount of stamped copper, brass& aluminum bracelets, earrings, necklaces...some with antlers- seriously unique.

 Growing up in a family of avid hunters I am pretty certain I never envisioned antlers hanging off my ears- but I would be willing to try on these or the ones below- pretty unique if you ask me.  And for those of you that aren't familiar with antlers- they shed on their own each year- no animals were harmed in the making of these earrings! ;-) We are very happy to have Lucky 1300 back with us for her 4th time!
Kate has enjoyed our show so much she decided to start a little venue down outside of Pleasanton that will be the first weekend in December- Vintage in Verdi is in it's 3rd year and is a charming outdoor market under the oak trees!

Right beside Kate will be her friend and partner in producing VnV- Christina of Rural Route Rustics bringing her refinished furniture, handmade pillows, hats, upcycled clothing and home decor.  She has shopped with us in the past and is very excited to be part of the Barn Sale!

Such fun bright colors filled her booth at a spring market we attended- I could handle all of that in my house!

We have a new vendor from the New Braunfels area joining us this year that we are excited to see in the barn- Vintage Market will be bringing.... Vintage (such a broad category....) repurposed, handmade crosses and signs from recycled wood, handmade home decor in a shabby chic style and some upcycled clothing.  Can you see that we like 'vintage' around here?  Cattlemen just got back from a Cattle sale hosted by Vintage Angus Ranch- the kiddos got such a kick out of a Ranch using the name vintage- I don't know the story of the place... but it's in California and there when they refer to vintage pretty sure it has to do with wine! Either way- we like vintage!

Oh my goodness- ladies... if you have little girls, babies or friends with them.... this next vendor is a must!  Up 35 a little ways in Eddy is a sweet God loving lady named Sheryl that upcycles children's overalls... wait till you see these pics.  (let me just say I'm glad my 'little girl' is older or I would be spending some time in this booth! )  I do however have several cousins with little girls that would totally fit well in one of these.... and some vendors with little girls or grand girls....

Waaaayyyyy C-u-t-e!!!  Super excited to welcome Bumble Babee Designs to the Barn!

And last but CerTaInLy not least out of this group is the very talented and very well known 'round these parts' and no newbie to the Barn Sale......
Photographi by Shelli!  We are super happy to have her creative fun photo booth in the barn.  Each year she goes ALL out creating a new set-up.  It has become a family tradition for us to have our picture taken with her- above is last years Candy Land.  New for this year......  Well- It is still in progress- we will give you a sneak peek at it when we get one!

We hope you can join us in the Barn!  Admission is just $3 and parking is free!  Make that girls trip you've talked about, or meet up with friends from across the miles.... pack up and head to the Barn!

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