October 19, 2015

Moving on to the 6th group of collectors, creators, junkers

Welcome Back!  You've heard us say this before....
 We have such a hard time selecting the vendors that are part of the sale. We hope you can come join us to see what creative talent is part of the sale and who the fortunate ones are that are in the barn.  We've had to use our waiting list a few times this year as some vendors have had extenuating circumstances not allowing them to make it to the Barn.
That being said- we are going to give you another peek into the ones that will be with us!

First up is one I am so excited to meet and 'smell' in person!  I've read about her candles from others and cannot wait to have them in the barn! Ms. Barnes of  BarneStar Candle Co. from Austin will be joining us for her first time- but this is not her first show!  She is seasoned in the show world and we are delighted to have her! Just the names on these candles sound delightful!  She will have several items in addition to candles- Welcome BarneStar for their first time to our Barn!

This lady here is joining us for her 4th show-- She hauls quite a ways to come be in the Barn with us-- all the way from Albany, Texas is Leesa of Bunkhouse Divas. Many of you will recognize her clothing and bags- we first liked her because she had styles for all sizes-- we know that each of us were given unique bodies and shapes- what fun would it be if God had made us all the same size?  This is boutique clothing in the barn- but not just that... boots, purses, rustic home decor, lighted tin signs and some specialty items are handmade by her or a member of her family.

Below are new designs of 'porch decor' that we sure hope she will have for us!

Dee's Bags is also coming to the barn for the first time- but she too is not new to shows-- Dee's bags has quite a following and the lady behind them takes time to hand make each of them!  She specializes in Hobo bags, totes, ruffled bags and clutches- all made with upholstery and specialty fabrics; vintage lace, jewelry, fringe and tassles.... (hmmmm- had me at vintage lace, fringe and tassles!)  We sure hope to also be treated to her homemade jalapeno jelly, and cranberry jalapeno jelly (bring on the cream cheese and crackers please...)-- In addition she will have some repurposed furniture!  We are so excited to welcome Dee's Bags to the Barn!  We've been vendor buddies at Coughran Hall Market Days and Vintage in Verdi!

These two are just a very small sampling of her beautiful handwork!

When we send out applications we always ask vendors to supply us with 3-6 photos of their work so we can get a good feel for what their 'style' is so as to not 'flood' one certain category at the Barn Sale.  Well- this vendor might give me a hard time for this one- but I truly love this photo- this shows what we lovers of stuff do--- pile things up and make work spaces to paint and repurpose those finds that we know someone else will love!  Beyond that I think this little cabinet is darling!

So who is this vendor-- Well this is Dolly & Co. from Pflugerville (pronounced Flugerville)-- and they will be joining us for their 3rd year.  They will have a host of vintage, repurposed and shabby chic furniture along with some antiques!  Truly the list of what they are bringing to the show is quite long... so I'm just going to say that you will want to stop in at their booth- it will be full of all sorts of GoOdNess!  This cute recovered stool was a project earlier in the year!

Glitzi Girlz will be in the barn again- this was their booth last year.  Their assortment was quite a mixture.... wreaths, stick horses, holiday decor, painted windows and as you can tell- ladies fashion clothing.  (Sorry guys- not much clothing in the barn for you....)

This next lady made us grin last year- she had wanted to be in the barn for previous sales but hadn't gotten an application in on time... Last year she was Completely Delighted to be part of the sale- and what a sale she had!  I'm pretty sure she didn't have much of anything left!!  This is Piddlin Pooh's from LaVernia.
They will have an assortment of antiques, vintage, handmade crafts, furniture, vintage Christmas and some Primitive style work along with Fall decor.

This next couple was so excited about becoming potential vendors that they came as shoppers to the sale and then went home to get some of their handwork to bring back to show us!  We are 'suckers' for Rag Rugs-- always have been.. makes us think of Grandmas's kitchen (and now my kids will think of mine since I keep one at the base of my kitchen sink!)

Ron's Rag Rugs will bring their delightful assortment to the barn- along with the loom they are made on!  Their booth will also consist of totes, table runners, possibly some embellished jackets and upcycled bottle lamps.  We hope you enjoy watching Ron work his loom and appreciate the woven items they will have.

Oh my darlin' this vendor had me at Vintage Shasta.  So when we ask for photos and we get one like this--- well it kinda sticks out!  RoryM Design will be joining us from Smithville and we couldn't be more delighted!  She repurposes antique lace and other notions and appliques them onto tops, jackets and dresses. When she can find Mexican embroidery she repurposes it onto jeans and jean jackets. And lastly she enjoys turning vintage jewelry into modern pieces.

Speckled Pink Boutique will be coming from Portland, Texas.  They like to carry funky and unique handmade gifts including belts (the ones below are in process), bangles, crosses, vases, metal and wood art, repurposed/refinished furniture, vintage  items and stylish clothing- like the Noel shirt.

The last vendor for this highlight made us laugh- her shop is called the Tomato Shed- we of course love the name since we are fond of tomatoes.... Then to top that off she told us she makes tomato soap-Not Soup!  This is supposed to be amazing---- so we are hoping to get our hands on some!  In addition to this unique item she has chalk painted furniture, upcycled vintage accessories and inexpensive architectural salvage!

The Tomato Shed is joining us from down the road in Yoakum, Texas.  This will not be her first year in the barn... she like others have shopped with us and loved it- then determined to apply their GoOdS for the sale--- We welcome The Tomato Shed!!

Well- That's a wrap for this vendor into session.  I hope you've enjoy some of these highlights... I know I sure am!

Be back soon..... Back to making nametags for all these awesome vendors.

Suzanne @ Rusted Gingham

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