October 28, 2015

A little Gypsy Flair is in the Air.......

This year, our sweet friend, Shelli, of Photographi by Shelli will once again be set up behind her camera with a fun photo booth! This is her seventh year in the Barn, and she has been dreamin' and schemin' about the perfect theme: Little Gypsy Wagon Flair! Doesn't it just sound fun?  We look forward to taking our annual family and friends pic with her- Can't wait to see it all put together!!

Speaking of fun, I bought some Junk Gypsy™ paint several months ago, and fell in love! It's a great consistency, the colors are bold and vibrant, and I knew it would be a perfect addition to the GoOds we have been painting to bring to the Barn! So.... I've been painting up a few things in some pretty cool colors......
The neat part about buying this paint is that I had a conversation Y-e-A-r-S ago with my friend Jolie waaaaay before they moved to a little spot called Round Top and opened their dream - Gypsyville as I lovingly refer to it- their Dream Retail store- their warehouse-their homes- all in one locale....... Her and I were visiting and I told her that one day they should have their own paint line and that HGTV or someone Big would pick it up and promote it--- I knew she was thinking and hoping for the same thing.  It's weird that I remember telling her that- maybe it's because I told her all their colors they chose were 'perfect' and others would love to use the same bright, vivid, bold colors they do! 

WELL.... Since the girls have come up with all those fabulous, perfect, bright, bold, vivid colors...... Rusted Gingham decided they needed to be able to share those same colors with all of you!!!!  That's right, Rusted Gingham is a Junk Gypsy™ authorized retailer, and Junk Gypsy™ paint will be in the Barn November 6th and 7th!  WE are SO Excited to bring this to all our Barn Sale shoppers!!!

Come find all the colors in our booth- We know you will think they are as grand as we do!! This paint goes on so smooth, does NOT smell (a biggie for me) dries beautifully and a little goes a long way.   There are 19 Fabulous colors to choose from- come pick one or two or 10 for your projects at home!!

Join us for a little (or a lotta) gypsy life at JB Wells Park in Gonzales, Texas, from 4:00 to 8:00pm Friday, November 6th and 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, November 7th! Entry fee is $3--and cute kids (12 & under) are FREE! So is parking, so bring your pick-up truck or SUV to load with all your Barn Sale treasures!

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