October 23, 2014

Welding, Dreaming, Custom canning and Rusted Gingham

Time to set the alarm, put it on your phone, mark it on the calendar, dust off your boots or shopping shoes, fuel up the truck, car, suv, bus- whatever mode of transport you have, grab the hubby, best friend, mom, grandmom and whomever else wants to come enjoy the fun festive fall barn at J.B. Wells Park in Gonzales!!

We can't even tell you how excited we are about the vendors coming- I just want to shop the whole weekend!!!!

We have a new vendor coming- another 'guy'- he came to the show last year and loved it....so he has been creating a forest in his shop since being accepted.  This is just a small example of what he might have with him in his booth....

 I can just see these trees on porches all over the place!!!

Next is sweet Shirley from The Dream Corner joining us for her third year.  I am simply impressed by these craftsmen that have been creating for years upon years yet find new ways to make their product look more beautiful.  I hope you are as impressed with these few photos as I was. 

Next - Miss Alphabet Photography is joining us for her 6th show!!!  We have purchased a few letters from her over the years!  Delighted to see the numbers being part of the set as well.  Tammi really enjoys this show as it's 'in her backyard' as she calls it!  We are just south of Luling- so she can say that!

And next- oh the joy that came over us when we saw this darling ladies app back in our box---- WHH Ranch Co with the adorable and super sweet Charlotte Hamzy at the helm for our show.  You may remember her beautiful hand crafted Christmas ornaments that may show up in her booth, but this is something to get taste buds excited about.... The oldest family cannery in Texas!  They are famous for their 'Cowboy Candy' so if anyone wants to bring cream cheese and crackers we can hang out together!

I'm thinking great stocking stuffers for the the guys, good college guy gifts (hope my nephews are not reading this post), couple of jars for office Christmas parties, couple of jars for the pantry when friends show up and you need some snackin......

Along with all these we have a few more vendors to highlight next week and then you can see them in person!!!!!
However, amongst all this I thought it should be noted that Rusted Gingham will have a booth as well!  There is going to be a full section of these beauties that inspired part of our name....
and you will see the three of us in different capacities at the barn.....
and if we could have given an award last year to the shopper that came the farthest- this smart, sweet, talented, mom of 3 boys, former college roommate, friend since we were babies would have won it...all the way from GERMANY!!!!  Not sure if you can tell the wet eyes I had- they stunned (surprised, shocked) me walking up- she had a choice of weekends that she could come back to the states and chose the weekend of the Barn Sale so she could finally experience what she had been hearing about for years! It made me smile beyond measure!

Well, the countdown is truly on here at Headquarters....  Where are you coming from???

Wherever it may be- all the vendors will be H-A-P-P-Y to see you!  Thanks for making the Barn Sale what it is.... We couldn't do it without you!!!!

Friday Nov 7th ** 4pm-8pm **
Saturday Nov 8th ** 9am-4pm**
$3 at door
Free Parking
Yummy Food
Lot's of drinks
Tons O FUN!!!!

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