October 28, 2014

The Final Four

Well- at least we have pics of these 'Final Four'- so that will have to suffice for a name.   There are a few other vendors that we have photos of- but they are hard copy photos and only we can see them.... you will have to come see for yourselves! ;-)

C-A-N-N-O-T believe that the Calendar flips to November on Saturday and a time change on Sunday--- Wow, I truly feel like I was just doing all of this for last year's sale!  However, it is another sale with more GoOds on the way!  Looking so forward to all of your smiling faces and big embraces!

Ok- here is a quick run down of what we have left on photos....

 2 Shabby Chics 
These gals came to the show last year as shoppers to see some friends and Loved It... They have booths in Beeville and Victoria, Texas.  That being said, if you love their goods at Barn Sale- you can find them during the year too!

Sometimes we get applications with extra special 'something' to them... this next vendor was one of them.  She told us that last year her and her husband were planning a weekend getaway to one of their favorite towns- Gonzales.  In doing so, they checked the community calendar where they found Barn Sale info and decided that was the weekend to come.  Needless to say they loved it.  Ms Ellen has been creating precious journals for family and friends for several years and is ready to share them with the Barn! MzElle's Journals and Stuff will be making their first appearance at a show, so come take in her beautiful personalized journals!

 Next is a lady that has been with us for the past two years and is glad to be back!  Julie of YIPIOKYA spends her time at her sewing machine running out a cooler than cool  mix of vintage cowboy mexico inspired clothing and accessories.  If you like this look or has a friend that does- be sure to stop in and see her!
Julie in her hand upcycled western shirt!


Dolly & Co will be with us again this year.  In addition to our Barn Sale they also have a booth at Cherry Tree Creative in Taylor- let me say, if you live near there be sure to check it out!!

I am still kicking myself for not buying this little turquoise piece last year- I hope if one of you reading this has it that you are enjoying it immensely! Dolly & Co specializes in vintage, shabby chic, hand made dog toys and for this time of year- Christmas! 

With over 70 vendors, we surely hope you find something from lace to leather, mesquite to magnet boards, burlap to well burlap, jewelry to junk, photos to pens, tote bags to trinkets, pumpkins to PiE, chippy to china, linens to lamps, tamales to treasures- you get the idea.... there is something for just about Everyone!
Rumor has it there will be viewing of a rare white bat as well.... come see for yourself!

I have to brag on my brother for the above photo- a few weeks ago he asked me to 'keep my eyes out' for an old wooden ladder.... Well, I already had one available.  He told me what he wanted to do with it and here it is!  I am so proud of him- I must be rubbing off on him a bit! ;-)  Funny thing is he needs walls full of them for all his books! That is one thing we definitely have in common- a love of books.  Although, he actually reads all of his-and quick!  I am still working on Rhinestone Jesus that I started this summer! 

And finally I will leave you with this that makes me laugh every time I see it- just change out Flea Market with Barn Sale and you get the picture!

Just a little more junkin for me this week and finish up tagging- then it is finalizing the 'village' that helps us get this whole thing kicked off!  We are counting down the days..... Such Fun awaits!!!
Barn Sale 2014 is near- very very near!

Friday Nov 7th 4-8
Saturday Nov 8th 9-4
$3 admission

Tamales, Frito Pie, drinks, Royer's Pie Haven, cupcakes, cocoa, pimento cheese sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, salty snacks sweet snacks and even a rumor of some of Suzanne's sugar cookies to be found at the barn!

Hope to see you there!!!

- Rusted Gingham-


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