October 01, 2014

Accumulating Leather, Chiquitas, Pens, Trunks and boys!

What a feast for the eyes this week!  I have been in wonderful Warrenton, Texas for what is known as Texas Antiques Week.  If you have never been- well let me be the first to tell you- Antique,vintage, junk Mecca!  It is a twice annual pilgrimage for me! I had the pleasure of seeing several vendors and met a few future hopefuls as well!  We have shirts walking around Warrenton- if you spy one be sure to tag it #barnsale2014 to be entered in a fun drawing!

Vendor highlights for this week bring handcrafted to a new level!  We will start off with one that I personally purchased quite a few gifts from last year.  I was blown away by her selection of hand created verses, sayings and personalized mementos! Four Boys Momma Stitchery uses her gift to create stitched samplers that look like ones from  your Grandmother's cedar chest!

Mrs. Rowland can even create personalized sayings to be framed for gifts or yourself!  Stop by Four Boys Momma Stitchery and find something uniqe for 'that' person on your list!  At least stop in and tell her how awesome it is that she has Four Boys and makes time to create these beautiful pieces!

Next comes a 'newbie' to us from south of here- The Leather Feather. The pictures sent with the application were very classic and simple- their stamped hand created leather art is just the kind of unique art that we like!

This is from a recent show- I am drooling over that leather fringe bag........ And what is that cute little sign in the background??  Why yes- an advertisement for Barn Sale 2014!  Hope you can join us!
You don't even have to bring in a purse- The Leather Feather can fix you up with something small as pictured, medium or large!!!  We look forward to leather goodness coming to the barn!!

Vintage Trunk will be with us for their third year!  We are delighted to have them and their beautiful burlap pieces!  What started as decorations for a daughters wedding has turned into a wonderful business! One of the daughters participates by making the precious little girl clothes pictured!

 Yes, we Texans are a bit proud. If you have been to the Barn Sale in the past- everyone lovingly refers to Vintage Trunk as 'The Burlap Lady' and appreciates her attention to quality!

 met us several years ago at Marnies' Coughran Hall Show. 
She carries hand made items from several Texas artists and puts them all together under her 
zebra striped tent!  Wildly Fun might just describe this lady-

 From Wild to Classy Style- K & K Pens has been hand turning Classic styles of writing pens.

 Remember I told y'all at the beginning of all this that we have some vendors that will have unique guy gifts- This is one of them!  Look at the gun as the pocket clasp on this pen- how unique is that?!
Her styles are absolutely beautiful!  And don't worry ladies that love to sew and occasionally make a mistake (happens around here).... she has you covered too!  Hand turned seam rippers- yes- you can pull out stitches in style! It just might make it  little more enjoyable with something like that in hand!

And last but certainly not least- the Lovely Ladies of Accumulations will be with us for their 5th year!  Their booth is like no other- they love what I would call 'smalls' and have such a classic way of displaying smalls in with their hand selected larger pieces.  We are so happy to have them back again!

There will be an extra post in the next day or two for this week with our Exciting Big thing- stay tuned......  In the meantime- keep an eye out for those red shirts if you are in Warrenton or Round Top!!! 

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