July 17, 2013

Retirement to Rosenberg

Hi there!  Last week was well, let's say busy for our family......all sorts of life changes occurring.....

 My Mom- the reason I like to junk like I do- she was buying antiques before it was cool to buy them and my Grandma who re-purposed all sorts of things out of necessity not because it was cool or because it was on Pinterest (you know Grandma never knew what Pinterest was)...taught me SO much- and are still teaching (even though Grandma isn't right here) about life, behavior, motherhood and being a wife- so I love spending time with my Mom (she has a lot of Grandma in her).  Last week the kiddos and I drove to a cool little place just outside San Antonio and north of Pleasanton to surprise her for a little luncheon some of her co-workers put together.  This luncheon was a surprise since she decided to Retire without telling any of them!!!!!  What a beautiful drive for us-Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard was a treat- delicious food and a wonderful setting!

 That was the drive for the retirement and what a treat to see the look on Mom's face when we came walking in!  So many of her co-workers have seen me over the years when I visit and have seen the kids grow in either person or pictures- so they were excited to see them as well!

Now that Mom is retired- I have a list of projects for her- hehehe, not that she wants to - but I would love to keep her calendar full!  I told her she could move in the week of the barn sale- she did Not commit to that- but did say she would be glad to be the Greeter/ Director for booth spaces for vendors- so that will be her post! Now that both my parents are retired they will probably be busier volunteering here and there than they were when working full time!

Mom and I love to go places together- always have.....it's just part of who we are.  So, this past week- since she is retired......I asked her if she wanted to go junkin with me.  She didn't have anything on her calendar- so away we went. We had a choice of Fayeteville, Texas for their town garage sale, Rosenberg for the Junk Hippy show or Austin for the monthly City Wide Garage sale.  Rosenberg made the top of the list this time around (there will be more travels...maybe Fredericksburg this weekend...) as I knew there were going to be vendors there that are new to us at the Barn Sale and I wanted to meet them! Along with seeing sweet Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage who always has the prettiest vintage booth!!!

Upon arriving to the correct part of the Ft. Bend County Fairgrounds we were met with people walking out with arm fulls of furniture- should have gotten there sooner....Once we made it to the building I was expecting to walk right in, um, no- this is what we had........
A line- we stood in it for about 10 or 15 minutes - without hats on our heads and I was wearing black, I need to say no more....

I got tickled when I told my hubby about the line- he informed me that there is a line at the Barn Sale too- so I hope to have an additional person at the door to let all of you amazing shoppers in as smoothly and as quickly as possible!  Once inside- oh my goodness- crowded.... right inside I was greeted by a smiling face- none other than- Southern Trends we had met when I was working the tradeshow in Vegas during the NFR and I bought some really 'fancy' pants that I have had numerous comments about....


Back to the vendors- once we finally made it down the first isle a little way I found sweet LaDonna of Jewelry by Lala.  She is super sweet and talented! Well- all of our hand picked vendors for the barn sale are talented! LaDonna had some amazing creations out- I have been drawn to copper ever since the trade show in Vegas- and this little necklace just shouted to me.... I think because a sweet friend in Lubbock had texted me during the week and told me I was a 'Star' since she had seen me on Junk Gypsies HGTV- where I was shopping in friends Amie & Jolie Sikes of Junk Gypsy booth at Warrenton.  I guess it just got stuck in my head- so when I saw this- and after going through ALL her other beautiful necklaces - this is what I came back to...... JUNK STAR- no, I am not a Star by any means- but this is sure fun!  My favorite color on the glass ball and a key to unlock????

We continued perusing the booths- and needing water- did I mention it was warm, and crowded?  I was happy to see most booths were ramshackled by 10:30 in the morning- so much had been sold early on that they were trying to redecorate but couldn't due to the mass of shoppers! As a vendor it makes me happy to see other people selling their goods and to have smiles on their faces- it is what keeps us picking through dusty rusty crusty piles of stuff- to renovate into a treasure!

We saw Miss Shayla Bean of Paper & Lace who had her precious 8 week daughter all dolled up in lace- I wish I had a picture, Adorable. Visited with Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage, missed Jeannette of Simply J's ( I did not know she was going to be there- but I am sure and certain I was in her booth!) Enjoyed meeting other vendors and seeing their displays!  When we finished we were bound and determined to get to Fayetteville but then I saw this- I was more enamored with the neon than the kind of food- but I can always go for some chips and salsa!

We stopped to fuel our bodies and get an iced tea. Once on the road we remembered a few little signs in a little place called

We spent quite a bit of time in one place- did I mention there were three generations shopping on this trip? My sweet girl was all smiles in this picture- I think it reminded her slightly of the Photo Booth at Junk O Rama Prom! Well- with the ever so slight exception of here she was sitting on a velvet covered chair and at Prom- well, let's just say it's not that.

 She was happy because she had found a double Nancy Drew book where we had shopped- her favorite.

And this sign below- Really- I cannot pass up a Coca Cola sign that is offering JUNK- bring it on!

Once we were back on the road we knew it would be too late to hit the city wide garage sale in Fayetteville- so sad- but we knew all the treasures would be gone and people would probably be packed up!

We did manage one more stop- in the cleanest little city in Texas- home of the original Shiner Beer (no-we did not stop at the brewery...) but at the one little shop open! Ladies- If your hubby wants to come with you for the weekend to the Barn Sale- let him come shop for a bit. Then, he can leave you to shop (since you will still be on the first row and he has made it through A-L-L the booths) and he can head to Shiner- just a 15 or so minute drive from Gonzales.  He can tour the brewery and enjoy himself while you enjoy shopping yourself! Better yet- bring a group of couples- there are plenty of places to stay in Gonzales- and the guys can have their day while the ladies have theirs!!

 Then off to home- where we were glad to be.  Another fun trip of running and maybe more shopping ahead! So thankful my Mom is retired.....more asphalt ahead!

Treasures to you,

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  1. So glad that you braved the crowds at the Junk Hippy Show and hope you got a chance to stop and visit the Junktion Alley booth while you were there. We were the one right across from LaLa's. Loved reading your post! Looks like you stopped at some of my favorite places, East Bernard, Fayetteville and Shiner aare all special places to me for different reasons and your blog reminded me of such dear memories! Thanks again for braving the heat and the crowds. It was brutal but a fantastic show! Liz Dujka, the Junktion Alley Gypsy!

  2. What a great post, Suzanne. Congrats to your mom on her retirement. I think it's cool that she likes to junk along with you. I wanted to go to the Junk Hippy show but it was too far to go for a one day trip so I headed with Patty Jett to Austin City Wide. It was great also.
    I heard you might make it to Fredericksburg this weekend. I hope so and be sure to come to Trade Days and say hi to us, Sisters!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention! It was great to meet you on Saturday, Suzanne. I truly hope you enjoy wearing your "Junk Star" necklace as much as I enjoyed creating it! I am excited to be a part of your barn sale this year. It will be wonderful to be back home (or at least really close:-).

  4. Retirement caught my eye, as that will be me in one month! So glad to see you in Rosenberg and was hoping you would make it out to Fredericksburg. It was a hot weekend. Happy Sunday!


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