February 14, 2013

New Venture amongst the Junk

Good Morning!  Happy Valentines Day!

On this beautiful day in South Central Texas I thought I would share what is making my heart happy- In addition to my forever happy, God, family and friends!

 I love this business- I love how we connect with each other on so many levels. I love how we have made so many new friends because of this business!  I love how we can see something in its current state and know that with some love and attention it can become something else!  People are that way too you know!  Some are hiding behind a wall or shell just waiting for attention and love from just one person!  I hope you can be the type of person to bring someone out of their shell and show them love! Some of our best Barn Sale vendors are that way too- they have told us; 'we have never done a show before - but we would like to try'. And to our delight they do more than try- they blow our socks off!

Two examples that come to mind right away ( I know there are more of you...so please forgive me!!) Are Bluebonnet Smiles and Sweet Cactus Pink- You talk about making a booth that stood out at our 2012 Barn Sale and huge smiles from the vendors (Katie and Tai respectively) --I am sending love today to those girls!!!! Not only did Bluebonnet Smiles set up their first booth with us- they are now on Etsy!!

I found sweet Katie from Bluebonnet Smiles on Etsy last night- I wanted to contact her because my sweet sister Tracy purchased a spa rag for me from Katie that I love using on my face!  It is fabulous!  Here is my reason for wanting more spa rags.....To give away to customers!  You heard it- Why would I be needing to give away spa rags you ask?  Well.....I've taken on a new venture- Junking can be messy business, and grimy, and sunny and well- hard on my skin! 

First photo was 2011 Barn Sale with my little guy- skin is definitely grimy after being in the barn for a few days....Photo 2, My mom and I after a weekend junking trip two years ago...and Last- Warrenton Fall 2 years ago....wearing a big palm leaf hat to try and protect some of my face....I always pack sunscreen for those days of being out in the fields.......Junking is Hard on the Skin!

So, I am sharing with all of you what else is making my heart happy right now......

I have taken a new business venture ( I am not leaving Junking- No Way!!!) I am now working with Rodan + Fields for their Amazing line of skin care products!  I need to take care of my skin- and want to share this opportunity with each and every one of you!  I have been using the Redefine Program for months and am now starting on Reverse to assist in lightening my sun spots- Yes I have sun spots- Lots of them!  I took 'before' pictures and will post 'after' photos in a few weeks so you can see the change from the beginning!

This is an amazing opportunity!  The Dr.s I am working with are the same ones that created Proactiv- who hasn't heard of it's success and knows someone who has used it!  They have created a new product for acne prone skin- wonderful product!  There are 4 regimens to choose from for different skin types. 

Ok- so if you love your skin, there is something for you, if you want to change the way your skin looks there is something for you- If you have Skin - there is something for you!  I have used the product for a while before joining the team- but my best friend got in a bit earlier with the team - she is providing for her family in ways they never thought possible.  I would be doing a huge dis-service to our readers if I did not tell you about this amazing company and this more Amazing product!  Our website assist you in deciding what you need based on your skin in order to help you get to where you want to be.  The Dr.s want people (not just ladies) to feel comfortable in their skin and not have to put on loads of make-up or other coverage to hide their skin....so this is not a make-up line! 

We have put out several personal things over the years- and I feel compelled to share this opportunity with all of you.  If you need a bit of extra residual income and have a few hours a week ( ha ha...Wife, mom, teacher home and church, 2 other businesses, training in other hand work, 4-H, just some of the things I already have going and am now adding this!) seriously- These products are so good- OH I forgot to mention the most amazing Part......The Dr.s are so serious about this stuff- There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product- No samples needed!  Really try the stuff....You can't tell what your face is going to look like with a tiny little pack of something- 

So- I am asking that if any of you are interested---Please Please look at my site;

I know I am rambling....I am Just so Happy with these products and If you have ever wanted a change- Now is the Time!  Changing skin- one Face at a Time!  Come partner with me!  Email me with questions- sexton@myrandf.com

I am hosting a mingle and product viewing this coming Sunday the 17th after church from 12:30 - 3:30 at the gorgeous 2nd floor landing of the Laurel Ridge Inn located @ 827 Saint Joseph in Historic Gonzales, Texas.  I know some of you are super far away....but that is what is great about my website and email- we can still talk shop! And another mingle and product view on Tuesday the 19th- same place; 3:30- 6:30.  I would love to visit with you!  

Have a Happy Heart Day!  Share a little love with your parents, friends, hubby, wife, kiddos or a stranger on the street!

Suzanne- Still junkin'.........   

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