February 04, 2013

Flea Market Style Weddings

Welcome to February!  Wow- This year is starting to fly by already!  I have had in my mind that there would be at least a post a month- or more...guess I haven't started off too well for that!  So- Welcome to our 2013! It is going fast and furious- no time to delay!  I am totally excited that so many people have already approached us about this year's Barn Sale!  It is already on minds of vendors and shoppers- we will plan on posting applications in April.... so keep tuned!  November 1&2, 2013, mark your calendars!

Most of you know that hosting a show is A LOT of work- something we take pride in- we hope to continue making our show better- and in the mean time we take pride in announcing that we were listed in FLEA MARKET style Weddings!!!!  


 I was shopping by myself a few nights ago (that does not happen very often, those of you with younger children know what I'm talking about) and decided to stop at the magazine rack- I knew that Ki ((a brand new I know we would have a ton of fun shopping together BFF (even though she has no idea who I am) and her crew had been working on this publication and was glad to see it finally out- so I flipped through a few pages- then about flipped out in the magazine isle!  

I saw pages full of listings for stores and sales across the United States....since I had not heard anything I thought to myself- 'Wouldn't it be super cool if we were in this listing too?!?!'......I didn't have to think for too long- There it is in print!!!!!

Woot Woooo!!!!!  Needless to say I bought the magazine.  Not only that- but once I started reading it (I by the way am not getting married, I've already said my vows) I fell in L-O-v-E with this magazine!  I dog eared so many pages and have so many more cool ideas now for projects......So- If you are reading this blog as an engaged gal or guy- we know you like vintage and unique, antique, vintage, hand made and otherwise made GoOds (otherwise you wouldn't be on our site!) go get yourself a copy of this to help you with your big day!!!!

The coolest Part- We actually had 2 brides that I know of (more I'm sure) that were at our November sale specifically buying for their wedding decor- Totally doing vintage themes!  (I am tickled that I was selected as the baker for one of these weddings!)  It is so awesome to see young couples take pride in our heritage- if only 40 or so years ago and touting vintage- making it part of their Big Day!! Taking things for what they were formally and giving them new breath in a different life- Makes Me Happy!

Thanks to Ki Nassauer and her totally cool crew of contributors for allowing us to be part of this publication! 

Sincerely Wowed and Humbled,
Suzanne @ Rusted gingham

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