June 07, 2012

Rusted Gingham at First Monday Part 2

As promised here are a few more photos from my recent visit to First Monday in Canton. I forgot to snap photos of my purchases, but they included two wooden chairs for my school room from The Lazy Daisy, a Coca Cola crate, some REALLY comfortable flip flops, an adorable summer outfit, and a few other random things that came from some dollar tables out in the fields!

I did met a couple of other great vendors while shopping in the Arbors at Canton I want to introduce to you. Meet Blends out of Georgetown, TX. Their booth was dreamy and they were sweet enough to let me take some pictures of their vignettes.

I mostly visited with Roger, as Diane was always busy selling her beautiful vintage clothing to the tons of ladies that were looking through her racks. He told me they have tried splitting up to do different shows on the weekends, but no more. Her clothing always sells MUCH BETTER when she's there to model. Isn't she beautiful?
My pictures don't do their merchandise justice, but at least you get a feel for some of it. I fell in love with this piece.

 I think I was also drawn to the clocks, the burlap, and the lace! What's not to love here!  Here's Diane's email in case you want to inquire about more of her things: diane.blends@yahoo.com.

The other booth that grabbed my attention brought a little taste of Paris to Canton! Meet Mad Hatter Mercantile with Caroline and Josean.

I loved these little containers. Seems like they were everywhere and somehow I managed to leave Canton without one! They would be great for summertime outdoor entertaining!

So even though I didn’t get to visit Paris, Caroline and Josean sure put together a fun display that made you feel like you were almost there!

Another fun couple who were a having a ball doing what they love! You can find them on their website at www.madhattermercantile.com and also on facebook . Thanks, Caroline and Josean for letting me have fun playing with my camera in your booth! I also found a news article on them here.

Last but not least was a stop at LaurieAnna’s Vintage Home.  I had never had the pleasure of stepping into this dreamy place, but my sweet friend Tiffani with A Thrifted Market said I could not go to Canton without shopping at LaurieAnna’s and meeting her in person. So after most of my clothing was drenched with wetness and my flip flop feet were totally discolored by Canton dust, I opened the door and stepped in to LaurieAnna’s beautiful store, wishing I had remembered to bring some sort of body spray with me to cover up my natural fragrance…
I wish I could have captured the beauty of her store for you, but there were two problems with that. One, I’m not that talented of a photographer, and two, LaurieAnna was in the process of expanding her store and it was just not in the shape she preferred to have photos snapped. She did let me take a picture of this bedroom, which is like a teenie-weenie little taste of the millions of gorgeous things she had tucked into every nook and cranny of this store.
I begged LaurieAnna to pose for me, but she is much too modest and humble for that. She was so totally gracious and kind, and I just know we could be best friends forever! Denis, her store manager was a sweetie, too, and I did catch him in action as he was fluffing up some flowers in a corner of a room.

You can see lots of LaurieAnna’s Vintage Home on their facebook page and website, http://laurieannas.com/. She’s probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and I do hope to make it back to Canton sometime again soon after she has done her magic in her expanded store. They work all month, just like the other First Monday dealers to bring you a wealth of goodies the first weekend of every month in Canton. This one store makes it worth the trip to Canton from San Antonio in my book!
♥ Tracy