June 05, 2012

Rusted Gingam at First Monday in Canton, TX

Tracy here, with my big T taking a long overdue tour of First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. The Girls at Rusted Gingham love vintage markets, and Canton is one we don't get to visit very often. So glad I made the trip with a good friend and her sweet daughter. We definitely shopped till we dropped!

We got up early and hit the ground just a few minutes after the gates opened. There's just something totally fun about driving your vehicle through a bumpy field, parking next to tons of other  SUVs and pick ups, and making your way down a rocky path with a bunch of other people pulling all sorts of carts, carrying empty bags, and pushing strollers . . . knowing you're all there for the same reason- to find great deals and the best flea market finds of the day!

I started off rather energetically with my camera in hand, thinking I'd just give you a photo journal of my day. But after about 30 minutes, the camera was getting in the way, was way too fussy to mess with, and I was having more fun picking things up and talking than taking pictures. So I only have a few photos to share with you this time.

I can't tell you how many beautifully displayed booths we saw in the Arbors. It's always fun to see a great display done well. And in my book, groupings like this are the best! I love these vintage alarm clocks. (I, however, prefer to use my phone and have Kari Jobe sing to me when I wake up every morning.) 

One of the best parts of traveling to shows is visiting with friends. I was so happy to see Shelly Southall  again with Marigold Trading Company.  I met her husband, Brad, at Petticoats on the Prairie's Waxahachie show in the Spring and fell in love with their artistry.
 I love birds, and their birds are my favorite -cute and chippy
Brad and Shelly make the most unique angels out of found objects. You'll see lots of measuring sticks, piano keys, and vintage metals turned into the most artsy and distinctly designed angels I've seen anywhere. Look at how much personality they have!
I met Shelly in the Spring at Round Top. She was just as sweet and genuine as Brad, and I felt like we were old friends. As much as I've grown to like her, I discovered I'm not really pleased with the distance between the top of her head and mine...

Shelly was excited to show me the new Dash and Albert rugs they are carrying and I just loved the colors! I'm thinking they would look beautiful on my hard wood floor (the one on my dream list.) But you might have one that needs a new beautiful rug!
In addition to their regular spot in Canton and Warrenton, Marigold Trading now also has a beautiful store to shop in Granbury, TX called the Country Cottage.
borrowed from Marigold Trading Facebook Page
Visit them there and you can find all their beautifully hand crafted pieces in a gorgeous little cottage. (see lots more pictures of The Country Cottage HERE on their facebook page.)
You'll also get to see their adorable Christmas decorations and ornaments at the Country Cottage. They make a Charlie Brown tree that is my personal favorite. The Marigold Trading Company website has more photos of their Christmas merchandise.
Make sure you go visit them on facebook and find out where they will be next. I promise you'll love their art and you'll enjoy meeting Brad and Shelly even more!
After a couple more hours of shopping, I looked up and saw this sweet lady fanning her pretty perspiring face and smiling at the crowds going in and out of the Girls Gone Junkin space.
It was my sweet friend Lisa Love Harris, fellow junker, blogger, 2012 Barn Sale vendor, and recent book author! Lisa and I cross paths at our favorite shows and I'm so excited that she's another step closer to moving back to Texas! 

Lisa was there promoting her new book that seemed to be causing much confusion among the First Monday shoppers. (She was having to explain that "First Monday Murder" was a work of fiction - not a documentary!)

Lisa blogs at Peace Love and all the Good Stuff and you can meet her in person, too if you come to our Barn Sale in Gonzales, TX, November 2-3, 2012. As soon as the fake lemons on her kitchen counter do their thing, her house will sell and she'll be a Texan again. Until then, Lisa, enjoy the cooler temperatures in WA, and we can't wait to see you very soon!
We walked and walked and walked all over that park on Saturday. Only twice did I sit down. Once was for 15 minutes to drink an iced cold lemonade and eat a sausage on a stick. The second time was here, when I tried to strike up a friendly conversation with a bunch of stuffy old men. Couldn't get a word out of them!

I did find a few things to fill the back of the vehicle and have a couple other people to introduce to you. I'm saving that for another post. My feet are still sore from scrunching onto flip flops for 8 hours straight in the fields of Canton. I'm off for a good soak and I'll give you part two in a couple of days!
♥ Tracy
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