February 28, 2012

Warrenton's on its way!

Really Warrenton isn't on it's way- its been in the same place for a long time- I just mean it's coming up!!!! YiPPEE!!!!!! Oh- can you tell I'm super excited- always happens this time of year!

Some of our vendors from Barn Sale will be setting up- so be sure to go by and tell them Hello!  We will try to give you all their info on where they will be as we know!

I wanted to post a few pics of the fun my son had on one of our last trips- 'What- she takes her kids with her????? Yep....that's me.....not every trip- but a few here and there. It's so fun to show them all sorts of neat finds and explain what they 'were' for but what they 'can' be now!!!! Such a great history lesson!

First things first- he put his Hancock on the HGTV sign they had outside their tent right next to our friends the Junk Gypsies in honor of their upcoming TV show!!!!  Rusted Gingham had to sign too!!!

Then- he took a ride in an old amusement park car the Junk Gypsies had sold (thank goodness it didn't drive!) It would have been fun though to cruise the grounds in this- especially with such a cute driver! It would need a trailer hitch on the back end for our purchases!

I was trying to figure out where this old Post Office mail sorter could go- but could not find a place for it- but I know it went home with someone, as when I went back a few days later it was gone!

My daughter was super excited to score this pink train case- with her own shopping money!  She proudly carried it around all day!

And finally- my daughter snapped this one late in the evening when we arrived home with my favorite purchase of the day- no not the dog- my red S letter that is in its new happy home under our arbor.

These were just some fun from last fall- I cannot wait to see what the spring show has in store for us!!!!! Hope to see you there!!!!


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  1. woulsd have loved the mail sorter~awesome piece!!!You look like you came out pretty good!! Great finds!!!

  2. Hey, Y'all! Love this post! I'm getting so excited for Round Top/Warrenton too. I can't wait to catch up with you two. Your kiddos are very cute! (Not too surprising!) ;)
    See ya soon!
    Peace, love, and all the very best life stuff to y'all!
    Garden Cat

  3. love the gingham. will be doing some links from my page at gotgingham


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