December 08, 2011

Signs this Thanksgiving

We thoroughly enjoyed our barn sale. We had a couple of weeks to let the dust settle, get caught up on school work, then it was time to travel for Thanksgiving. This year we split up and went on two completely different adventures.

We are both excited about sharing some of our Thanksgiving holiday with you, but those stories aren't ready yet. Instead, we thought we'd give you a few hints where we traveled. We snapped the signs we thought interesting along the way, and here they are for you to ponder. Where did we go? Who went where?

Let's see if you can figure it out. Stories will follow shortly. 

This sign was our 'welcome' sign at a much needed rest stop . . .

We saw them! Walking, not jumping, but we saw them!

The higher we got, the roads began to turn white!!!

Didn't see a single one, but the views were spectacular!
OK, these were the signs one of us girls saw
as our family made our Thanksgiving trip 
outside of Texas (that was a hint). Any ideas?

The other girl took a different route
and these were the signs she saw on her vacation.
There were no rattlesnake warnings here . . .

OK, this was totally cool!

Yes, the one and only! We were there!

The Rockettes were amazing.   

Alrighty then. You now should have a pretty good idea where we spent our Thanksgiving holidays! Ah, but who went where?
Did country girl venture into the Big City?
Did city girl head for the hills?

 Paul Harvey will be giving you the rest of the story very shortly!

Suzanne and Tracy
The girls at Rusted Gingham


  1. I think the country girl hit the big city and the city girl visited friends in the hills..glad you both did something fun and different for Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas girls!!

  2. Anonymous12/08/2011

    I do believe the rattlesnake sign is at a rest stop North of Roswell NM?

  3. Anonymous12/08/2011

    @Anonymous've traveled that way before! Now seriously, do they really think you can REST there with rattlesnakes all over the place? Ours was like the fastest pit stop ever!

  4. Thanks for coming by my Franc post! Check back for more pics....I ONLY took 1000....LOL! I'm jealous of whoever went to New York....I SO want to do that. And the other trip looked really fun too! Can't wait to hear the details! :)
    PS: I got the most AWESOME teal cowboys boots at the barn sale and have gotten so many compliments on them. Also go a pair of Key Earrings that are a big hit too! :)

  5. @Susan S.Susan, I'm still jealous of YOUR France trip!! Definitely put up more pics. I bought key earrings from Retreaux Girl too and I get comments every time I wear them, which is often!!


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