November 23, 2011

Choosing gratitude this Thanksgiving

 (from our favorite pumpkin patch in Monthalia, just down the road from Suzanne's.)

It's good to give thanks. All the time. When we have plenty, and when we are in need. When all seems good, or when all seems bad. Life goes that way, ya know. It can feel really great, and then circumstances tempt us to reconsider our contentment.

I've been challenged lately to consider everything a blessing. To give thanks in all things. For the things that seem good, and the things that seem not good.

It is an act of worship to thank God in all things. It's a discipline worthy of developing. 

Contentment in circumstances. 

The choosing of joy that comes from deep within. The putting aside of doubts and fears and choosing to be grateful for every single experience God gives us.

A life of gratitude

That's what I want. 

That's what He deserves from me.

I am choosing gratitude this Thanksgiving Day.

And the next day.

And the days to follow.

Tracy @ Rusted Gingham