November 01, 2011

Christmas photo booth at the barn sale

***edited to update*** Shelli was unable to shoot at the Barn Sale. After setting up Friday afternoon and getting everything ready, she woke up with illness Saturday morning and had to cancel her shoots. We are so sorry you didn't get to meet her this year. Hopefully Shelli will return next year without 'the bug'.***

For those of you who were here 2 years ago you were able to see the work of Shelli VanKirk. She does a lot of fun candid photography work. She missed being a vendor last year as she had moved out of state temporarily- but she did make it home that weekend for a wedding and of course a trip out to the barn sale as a shopper!

She is going to be back this year- as a vendor!!!! Remember the fun photo booths where you try to cram as many people as will fit into one????? That's going to be her!!! The cool part of it- she's going to have Christmas props to hold, drape, lean get ready for some fun snap shots!

My daughter and I had the pleasure of taking pics at our local festival with her- my daughter picked out my mustache and pirate patch! Check out the fun shots on Facebook to give you an idea of what to expect!

And we are so happy to have Amy Boland back as our show photographer! Her bubbly personality and laugh just brightens my day anytime I talk to her or am around her! S0--- be ready...cameras will abound at the show this year!!

Saturday, Nov. 5th
Barn opens at 9 am

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