August 04, 2011

Two Girls and a Tahoe

Recently my mom and I had a R-A-R-E opportunity....... one to spend a day and a half together 'junk hunting' as I like to say! We had an empty Tahoe when we started. That was different- I'm used to packing things in my vehicle- but hers is what we wore the tires on this time! ;-)

Off we went- checking out stores from little town to little Texas town. We had fun- telling stories, finding goodies and just enjoying the time together! We packed drinks, snacks and lunches so as to keep shopping- not taking much time off- well except when we had to leave because the store owners wanted to go home!

This building made me smile- I wanted to take a bunch of all the places we were - but we were so busy I didn't get my camera out near enough! 

This is an ode to a once very full and vibrant building- now the trade has moved to a different location- but the title on the building still reminds us of the importance that Downtown Squares played in shaping Towns and Communities throughout this great state!

We shopped until the stores closed- then headed home. When we arrived I took out the camera to capture what we had accomplished..... 


We were all smiles and had fun unloading as we were able to see again all the goodies we had purchased! 

I'll be working on mine getting them ready for the Barn Sale

Mark your Calendars!!!! 
Saturday November 5th, 2011
J.B. Wells Showbarn Gonzales Texas!!!!


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  1. What a marvelous time you two must have had! AND to hang out with your special is that! Looking forward to seeing your smiling face at the bigger and better Barn Sale 2011!

  2. Wow, just discovered your blog. Looks like you are blocking out the Texas heat just getting on with it. So much fun. Keep on keepin on. Visit me at Shabby Friends.


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