February 06, 2011

Did you get shot at the Barn Sale?

Take a look. You just might have been shot without notice. Amy Boland (our event photographer) was quick at the trigger (shutter?) and shot many of you while you visited our 2010 Barn Sale.
There were over 300 of you shoppers that crisp, cool November 13th day.

Lots of you ladies came bundle up in scarves, hoodies, and coats. The men were there, rather stoic, trying to look warm in their Wranglers and cowboy hats. They came for support. You know, the support you needed to carry all your treasures back to your vehicle!

And you even bundled up your little sweeties and strolled them out to the Barn! There were shoppers everywhere. And we had a great time meeting so many of you.

So here’s a glimpse of the 2010 Barn Sale shoppers – see anyone familiar?


personal note of interest: at the time of this writing I, Tracy, am sitting at my computer, working away, eating soup and thankful for the blanket I have wrapped around me. The wind chill in San Antonio today is 19 degrees. That’s cold for this little Texas girl!

Suzanne, however,  is with her Cattleman husband and kids this week, braving the ice and snow at the Ft. Worth Stock Show.  My weather tab tells me it is actually 19 degrees in Ft. Worth right now, with wind chill of 5 degrees. She said she was hunting for some new warm boots…

The Girls at Rusted Gingham