October 14, 2010

White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Make your dreams come true by visiting Willow Nest (Linda and Ludmil Marcov) at our Barn Sale. Stop in, and you’ll be stepping in to the most beautiful white Christmas ever!  Linda has a way with white - you'll understand when you see her booth. (Linda, we're sooooooooo glad you can come!)

Linda is an angel of a person, and is always dressed like an angel. She and her husband enjoy working together and creating magical, whiMsiCal spaces. They currently have their place called Willow Nest Farm for sale. You can read more about their beautiful place HERE. It’s not far away, in little Burton, Texas.


Linda has remarkable style, and we are thrilled she will be bringing her White Christmas to the Barn Sale this year. She has a design and look all her own. And you’re going to love it.

Linda says she doesn’t really do any traditional colors at Christmas. “You won’t find red and green at my booth”. Instead, you will find she uses the most beautifully flowing linens, lace, and glitter. Oh my, does she know how to use glitter!

Not the ordinary kind of glitter you pick up at Hobby Lobby, either. Linda uses fine German Glass Glitter. Never heard of it? Come see how beautiful it is and how she uses it to add whimsy to her creations.


Linda creates some of the most beautiful displays we’ve ever seen. She knows how to take a small space and turn it into wonder! If you pick up a few of her creations, your home could be magical, too!

Whether you want to add a little white to your Christmas, or pick up a little sparkling whimsy for your home or a friend, you’ll be thrilled you stopped by Linda and Ludmil’s Willow Nest.


Linda has a beautiful blog you can visit HERE. She writes eloquently and you can learn much about her inspiration if you read her blog. She loves family and friends and the beautiful details in life.

You can also click HERE and watch a stunning slide show that highlights her creative work. Turn your volume on as the show has beautiful background music.

We hope you will enjoy Willow Nest at the Barn Sale and all the magic they will bring.
The Barn Sale is a month away now. Clear out your trailers and sweep out your pick up beds. We’re ready to load you up!

Tracy and Suzanne

photos: all photos were borrowed from Willow Nest