May 17, 2010

Personal cake in a jar

Ever wish you could have some great homemade chocolate cake with creamy filling and icing – but know that having a whole cake in your house would be a horribly horribly bad thing? Ever wish someone could just give you a small serving, just right to get to taste all the delicious creaminess without tempting you with a whole cake? My answer to this ‘dilemma’ is a Personal Cake in a Jar- be it a big, mini or middle size jar! 

Sometimes there are just people in your life that you want to do something ‘sweet’ for since they have done something for you!  When that happens to me- I usually turn to sweets to treat them with!  Such was the case this week…..

DSC01138 Here are some of the little Thank You gifts that I made for some very special people that have filled my last year with happiness.  Thanks to them for all the great work they did on our team.   I’m fairly certain that they all think the jars were too much on the ‘mini’ side- So- next time I will put the cakes in middle size jars.  

Personal pies are also a sweet way to say thank you. Pretty much anything in a little jar makes me happy to give away.

Sweets to you!  Suzanne

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  1. What a fun idea and may I add...what a fun place to visit! Love all the color.

  2. AHhh I need one now! Yum!

  3. Now that is one sweet idea!! So cute and what a great little gift. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh those look great!

  5. You and a few others are all doin' FOOD joys, LOL! I'm soooooo hungry now, and it's midnight. I know, I'll live till mornin'. Ha!

    LOVE this idea, and the pie idea! Such SWEET ideas! Thank you for sharing them with us! =)

  6. forgive me for drooling on your blog. But that looks YUMMY!

  7. cute, cute blog. i especially loved the about me section. i can relate to parts of both of you. i'm a country gal who sleeps late and spends hours on the computer.

  8. Suzanne & Tracey, I just had to tell you that I shared my cake you brought me with my friend and it was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for doing that. Looking forward to being at your place. Happy 4th, T

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words on my blog. I'm also a former student...whoop!
    I'm trying to figure out how to follow it only through email?
    Smiles from Frisco!!!

  10. I'm so excited that you shared these at the Pretty packages party! They're the best!

  11. Okay, I love love this idea so much! I think that it is a darling way to say thankyou to someone!


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