August 14, 2017

Vintage on Main

Big News....

Rusted Gingham is now selling Junk Gypsy paint in more than one location!!!  Yes- We've added a Great place for other fellow crafty diy'ers to get their favorite Chalk and Clay paint!

We Love being able to partner with Junk Gypsy Paint and retail this fabulous blend of Chalk and Clay paint in 18 different colors!  The transformations that happen with furniture and special projects  are quite stunning!

This picture shows a china cabinet that had already been painted in a type of chalk paint. The owner of the store I've moved paint into asked if I wanted to use this for my display- my answer was a bit- let's say- Hasty.  'YES' is what I told her!

So yesterday after church I drove down to this little spot- It's one of my favorite little Texas towns.....

Her husband graciously (and I do mean graciously) took the cabinet apart and I assisted him wheeling it to where I was going to paint it (up the block!)

For some reason Junk Gypsy 'Flower Child' was calling my name on this piece... so I opened it up and started painting. The back splash that is- you can kind of tell this muddled splattered goldish effect that was going on with the back of the cabinet.  I didn't think that would highlight the paint very well. 
Well, once I got the lower back covered in the Flower Child I had an inspiration hit- Why not Ombre the back with pinkish shades....SO, I painted over the bottom layer with the newest color in the Junk Gypsy paint line- ' Guadalupe Sunrise' My goodness- she is a pretty color!  Next layer was Flower Child and topped it off with Gypsy Prom.  The color in this picture makes the Guadalupe look orange which it isn't... It lends itself to more of a coral.

Here she is in more of a natural setting so you can see her true color--- this is an old mirror frame that I painted as soon as the new color was delivered! 

Back to the China Cabinet-  the Ombre fade in before mentioned colors- it Totally Changed the way it looked!

So I did not take any of my 'artist' meaning little detail brushes with me- nor did I take any painters tape..... I had a 2" chip brush- handy dandy little things, I use them all the time.

Here is the finished product.... I left the aforementioned white paint and took time with Junk Gypsy 'Rebel Child' (black) to make the details of the cabinet really pop!  I think it kinda went from drab to fab- But I'm sure there are some of you freaking out that I painted over the white! The walls in this place are a cream color so the white wouldn't have looked too great.

No- She isn't for sale- it belongs to the owner and is a full on display piece.... And here she is at work displaying all the great paint colors....
The paint cans look awesome in her!  I think she needs a name---

So, would you like to know where else you can now purchase Junk Gypsy Chalk and Clay Paint besides Main Street Marketplace ........

Here we are------

Vintage on Main-- 108 E Main in Cuero, Texas!!!!! 

I met the ladies of this adorable store when they first became vendors at Barn Sale several years ago. They've come every year and love it.  There are other vendors in this store that have been accepted to the Barn Sale as well- you will NOT be disappointed! 

Mom, sweet girl and I have made many trips to this little town shopping the day after Thanksgiving- we DO NOT do big city shopping- we like to Shop Small- A-L-L the time if we possibly can!!!! There are a lot of great stores in Cuero- sweet owners and restaurants with delicious food.... If you are ever in the area take time to shop and eat your way around!

So if you are south of Gonzales and need paint- head over to Vintage on Main Cuero you might just find another project to paint while you are there!

Thanks to each of you for supporting my business over the past few years- if it weren't for each of you Rusted Gingham could not be what it is!  Keep painting friends!


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