July 29, 2016

Those little chicks

So last summer at this time we had cleaned out an old shed read all about it....
 It had to do with something I had been hoping and dreaming about....

These pretty 'reds' as we call them were a gift to little chicken farmer-

And since they were established laying hens when he received them- he was Pretty Excited the first time he found one of these.....

Now a year later from the 'big project' -----One of our Blue Black Splash Orpintons decided to take note of this nester... she went 'broody' on us!  Little chicken farmer was so excited to stop collecting eggs from her clutch of them----- we started counting and had a decent 'estimate' of when some little chicks might appear........

He texted me a pic from Cattleman's phone of a 'surprise' as he said--- This darling little thing!!!!  Oh how cute the little fuzzy looking things were! 
 That was #1- then two more followed in the next 3 days.... Wow- he is really a chicken farmer now! ;-)

This is the only pen to have a rooster- therefore the only ones that can hatch..... Our Biofelder Rooster passed away a few months back and recently little Chicken Farmer was able to purchase a new young one.... so we may have other chicks in a few months!

Seriously--- cute!!!  And peeped for days!!

Then a super sweet friend called and told me her incubator 'exploded' - not literally...... Meaning almost every single egg she had put in it hatched!  And to her youngest sons complete disliking she offered some of the chicks to my Chicken Farmer!  So, this is the 'nursery' in the pens.... Remember last summer when I said it was a good thing I had hoarded kept all those doors all those years.... Well, this 'gating' if you will- was a hand me down from one of the sweetest neighbors e-v-e-r!  She had used it with all her kids (4 to be exact that are all teenagers now) then we used it to protect ours from our wood burning stove in the winter.  Then it got put in our little storage thing.... and now- voila- back to use!! I texted her this pic to say 'you never know what your hand me downs will get used for here at Sexton farms.....'
 You can see how big our 3 Orpingtons have gotten-  The ones that were newly gifted are mainly 'Tophats' and you will see why below.....

With the exception of the black topped one (we don't know what it came from) all the new ones have the little feathers that look like mohawks on top of their heads!  We are enjoying watching this change almost daily!  In a few short months they are going to have crazy funny looking feathers on their heads!  I've always said I wanted some of these- so I'm very thankful to my chicken farming friends for blessing my little guy with these!

Now..... to build in one more pen!  We had left one section 'open' for 'growth' and nows the time for that!  So this weekend and next week in evenings Cattleman and little Chicken Farmer have some work to do!
Until then- this is what Chicken Farmers daily gathering looks like---
Farm Fresh-- $3 per dozen.  This is one Happy Mama here..... I truly LoVe having Fresh Eggs!!!!

I am pretty sure that Cattleman is thankful for all the labor of love from last summer- we have a very functional, useful, productive area now- and it gives little guy more responsibilities....

I will post pics of Tophats and Orpingtons sometime this fall when they've grown a bit more!!!  Hope you enjoy reading of these Chicken Adventures!!!

Till next time,

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