April 25, 2015

It feels like Christmas Card time around here

 Typically right after Thanksgiving mailboxes start filling up with Christmas cards- family and friends wishing each other a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year- updates with happenings of family members over the past year.....

Yes, I know it's April. Around here, April is similar to December in that our mailbox has a few sweet envelopes in it everyday!  For about a month and a half the box has applications for Barn Sale coming in - Daily! The applications are like the cards in that they tell us what vendors have been up to during the year (what other shows they attend), pictures (albeit not typically of family- but of Junky/crafty/vintage goodness) and their wishes for fall 2015. 

This would be just a small sampling of what has arrived already..... Let me tell you- What we've gotten so far is GoOd!  App time is always so challenging --- trying to make just the right selections to fill the Barn!!!!

It is just over 6 Months from the Barn Sale!  That means- 27 Fridays.... Which means- It will be here before we know it!!!!

If you have not marked your calendar yet- Please do so- We would love to see you at the Barn!

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