March 10, 2015

We're Back......

Confession-~~~~- For a month and a half I've been trying to get a blog post done....'What?' some of you say- 'It cannot be that hard-can it?' Well, not really and yes really..... I started one with all sorts of great pictures that I had uploaded from the 2014 Barn sale and then the weather changed- as in the weather forced the computer down and all that was on it (at that time-not forever gone!). So after that we've been gone to stock shows for the better part of a month and when I have been home I've had a date with the washer, dryer and iron rather than computer! I know I'm not a full time blogger (well- maybe in my dreams I am....) but for now I have to re-commit to making this a part of my job!  So, We're back.... (actually we still have a few stock shows left) but for the most part posts should come a little more regularly!

We really do Love Barn Sale--- The truck greets like a huge smile on a warm day!

Not only do WE love Barn Sale- but all these people do as well- This is our AmaZinG group of Vendors from 2014--- The show would not be possible without them...... we are missing just a few that were last minute prepping their booths!

 This picture makes me smile- Dad and daughter hanging out waiting on Mom.....

We were able to jump on the Rusty Truck for some family pictures before the Saturday fun started!  GoOdS were All over the Barn!!
Don't these beautiful ladies look 'HAPPIE' to be in the barn- They truly were!  Royer's Pie Haven was slingin' pies all night Friday and all day Saturday.  We were Delighted to have them in the barn and I know the shoppers were too!!

Speaking of Shoppers- This precious group of ladies has grown over the years- they add another one or two to the group each time.  Armed and ready- they also come in several SUV's now (after a previous experience when they didn't have enough space to get everything home from the barn!)- This year another shopper was so amused by the groups purchases and stood in the parking lot just to watch them try and load all their GoOdS into their SUV's!  Talk about fun and memorable trips!  I've gotten more than one email or call from them asking me to keep my eyes peeled for specific junk throughout the year- and a few times I've been able to find what was asked for!  Their smiles say it all- they L-O-V-E the Barn Sale!!!

Ford Junktion has some Love in their booth too!

Sweet Sisters from Ford Junktion with more Barn Sale love..... This was their first show and they are totally hooked----

And last but not least for this round of 'catching up' on the blog... It's almost Spring- we've officially 'sprung ahead' as my body is trying to figure it out....  time to think of the outdoors, gatherings on the porch, good ol' parties and trips to Warrenton/Round Top.  This sign was one of my Favorites in the Barn this year- thanks to the ever creative and talented duo at Texas Trash and Treasures .  We sure hope all these amazing vendors are getting ready to fill out applications for our Nov 6-7 show this year!!!

 I personally will follow the turquoise arrow- I love to visit and have a good time with friends!

Until next time (not 3 months from now I dare say.....)

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