March 04, 2014

Yes Virginia, It really is a Showbarn

It is always amusing to me when I tell people that our annual Barn sale is held in a show barn. A good percentage of those people (some potential vendors) aren't real sure what I'm talking about. So, when I explain that they have Stock Shows there and horse stalls for rodeos, they typically get the idea.... I decided to 'bring to life' what a stock show is like in the barn!

 This past weekend was our local show, held at the JB Wells showbarn. Above is the daughter of one of my sweet friends.  She was super excited about her Reserve goat! Behind her is the 'entrance' door where all of our wonderful shoppers come in for the Barn Sale. 

Big smiles at the auction- such a fun time for families, friends, and the community to come together in support of 4-H and FFA kids that have worked so hard with their projects!

 Here a really special little girl gets a last bit of encouragement with her steer 'Friendly' from her Daddy, whom I am pretty smitten with.

The top of the top in the hog drive. Such anticipation and determination!  I am always impressed with how well hogs do in a show ring- you can Really tell the ones that have been worked with for the past few months!

 Here, the same special little girl gets heifers ready to go in the ring (she cannot hold both at once, so Daddy is assisting during the wait). They are standing right one the edge of the dirt floor. The section of poles just past them is where the asphalt starts for those of you vendors that are on the hard back surface of the barn. During the stock show it is mainly covered with sand and shavings for all the different livestock being shown!  I really give credit to the crew at JB Wells for always having the barn clean for us!  They do a great job!

 Same sweet little girl with the Champion heifer- Yes- I was one excited Mom!!  This is looking to the back of the barn- very different feel when there aren't 70 plus booths set up in it!
And then there is this little guy, with one of his friends- doing what he normally does at the Barn Sale; roping a dummy calf and playing in the dirt (some things never change)!
 These three boys figured out they could run the bucking chutes in the big arena since there wasn't a rodeo going on- One giant place F-U-L-L of dirt = heaven on earth for these three!
And, getting to man the roping chute in the warm up arena= happy, happy, happy! During the Barn Sale the warm up arena has always been full of kids warming up their horses for their events- We sure hope it is that way this year too!  We Love our Region 6 Rodeo families!!!

And my main crew- at the end of a very busy weekend- still all smiles.... just like at the end of the Barn Sale!  Sweet girl has on her new buckle and vintage boots, little guys roping rope right behind us (it was coiled right after the photo!) and we are standing where the middle isle is for the barn sale.

So, hope you appreciate all the changes that take place when we bring you the Barn Sale- I know I do! 

See you at the Barn- Nov 7-8, 2014!!!!!

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