October 01, 2013

31 Things to Love About the Barn Sale

Can you believe it's October? We are hurry-scurry-ing around getting ready for the Barn Sale! 

In the spirit of October, here are 31 things to love about the Barn Sale: 
(In no particular order.)

1. Using gifts and talents for His glory. 
2. The best vintage, antique, unique, handmade, and re-made GoOds!  
3. Cute kids 

4. Shopping!
5. One-of-a-kind finds
6. Cowboy hats
7. Turquoise
8. Free parking
9. Refreshments (sold by cute kids)

10. Tutorials and how-tos 
11. Pumpkins
12. Rust
13. Homemade treats
14. Getting Christmas shopping completed before the rush!
15. Boots

16. Burlap
17. Exercising the crafty and creative
18. Vendors of all ages and stages
19. Great deals! 
20. Fashion

21. Lace
22. Rodeo (just head over to the arena for some cowboys and cowgirls)
23. Getting together with old friends. 

24. Making new friends. 
25. Other Gonzales establishements (find places to eat and shop here)
26. Gingham
27. New uses for everyday items
28. Gonzales Aggie Club tamales (yum!) 
29. Things that sparkle
30. Hard workin' men and women who make it possible!
31. Great memories until the next Barn Sale (see you November 1st and 2nd) 

What do you love about the Barn Sale? 

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