August 20, 2012

Shopping in Bastrop, Texas

The girls had some fun a few weeks back and enjoyed some shopping in historic Bastrop, Texas. We took the kids along with us. They had fun tagging along and I managed to snap a few pictures along the way!

Suzanne's friend Jenny had arranged for a shop owner to come open his doors for us to take a look around. He has this huge place downtown filled with all kinds of wonderful! He only opens up occasionally, and by appointment. We had so much fun digging around. I scored the wooden suitcase while we were there! I'm sure you'll be seeing it in more pictures - it's the perfect prop!
We found old signs, furniture, and the kids found lots of smalls to play with. I think Suzanne ended up with this piece. And a few other things that wouldn't fit in the vehicle. It required an extra trip back!
  Afterwards, the kids used their profits from the summer lemonade stand to treat themselves to ice cream at the local drug store.

 This was quite a nostalgic little trip. We walked into town from Jenny's and enjoyed looking at all the beautifully restored historic homes along the way. It is like taking a step back in time.

This was such a sweet garden, and I loved the heart on the barn!

Bastrop has a quaint town center with lots of restaurants and little shops. It made the Rusted Gingham shopping list! Have you ever shopped Bastrop? Do you have a favorite place we should know about?
Jenny's place is beautiful, and I always love to see the flags flying in front when we pull up. 

So our summer weekends are winding down, and our Barn Sale weekends are upon us. We only have TEN more weekends until the Barn Sale! It's coming quickly. I can't wait to feel the cool breezes we usually have that time of year. Hard to imagine a cool breeze right now, but it's coming. Ten weekends. Barn Sale. Are you ready?

♥ Tracy

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  1. What a sweet town...Love the vintage suitcase

  2. LOVE the historic homes! Weekend trips like this are SO fun!

  3. Looks like you girls scored some great finds. I have just passed through Bastrop enroute some where. It looks like I need to take time to stop and shop and look around. Nice post.
    Looking forward to November and the Barn Sale also!

  4. Oh, girls! You were shopping in my neck of the woods! Glad you enjoyed the downtown area it's one of my favorite places to take visiting friends...

  5. I always pass through but have never stopped. See what I've missed. I too loved the suitcase!

  6. Makes me wanna shop! Thank you for taking us along.

  7. I had a moment of panic when I read that last bit: 10 more weekends to the Barn Sale??! YIKES! Better get busy(er)!

    And I've never been to Bastrop, but this post makes me want to go! Love the restored houses.

  8. Such historic homes give real peace when we see them. I love those vintage suitcase too.

    ~ Herman Swan

  9. Favorite restaurant downtown: Deli Depot- Great sandwiches and yummy Chicken & Dumplings!


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