February 04, 2012

Bells will be ringing

I am always so honored when friends ask me to be involved in their wedding by baking their cake. It is the centerpiece of the reception- and a Huge task!

Recently I've been involved in two weddings that were both very laid back- but with much style! So as the line 'bells will be ringing' came to my head, I'm thinking wedding bells! One couple celebrated Christmas as newlyweds, the others celebrated the new Year as newlyweds- literally- a New Years Eve wedding!

I'm happy to show photos of these two weddings- both amazing couples that I know will have great marriages as they are founded on what God intends for marriages to be. Happy New Year to all the Newlyweds that I've been blessed to be part of their weddings this past year!!

From our family to yours- Truckin' on in 2012......


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