September 19, 2011

From 5 to 25

All summer I've had some really amazing cake opportunities. The weddings have been a huge blessing for me this year- I've been able to create some really special cakes for sweet couples!(Suzanne Sexton Designs.)

This past weekend was one filled with birthday cakes- From 5 to 25! Those were the ages of the two birthday girls! You will be able to tell which is which I'm sure!

So- if you've read anything about me you know I like chocolate- so I'm always thrilled to get a chocolate cake request...This one was no different! It was even better that they asked for chocolate covered strawberries......Those just make a cake look super yummy! 

I was sure thankful when the Mom called saying she was coming to pick it up- it was looking awfully tempting! I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her special cake! The Dad was driving and I had to tell him to not slam on his brakes that his daughters cake was now in his hands....pressure!!!!

This next one--- Can you say--- Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair???? This little girl was having a 'Tangled' theme party! When the Mom called and asked I said- Sure I can do a tower. I can- I have....for a barn. This one was taller, covered in fondant- Oh- and it had to ride a mere 20 minutes in my car! 
Visual for you---- It's a blazing 105 degrees, cake in box in front seat, daughter saying a prayer in back seat that cake arrives safely, sun beating down in car, a/c blowing as high as it possibly can, my right hand reaching helping to hold/balance tower over every bump and turn in the road that my left hand is controlling- I think 55 was my max speed getting to town! I'm sure we were a sight to see!

We made it to the party location and I received a big smile from the Mom and from the little one having the party!!!! There were long yellow braids everywhere!!! I'm sure they had a fun afternoon- and I was super happy that it was the tower they wanted rather than the Leaning tower of Pisa!!!!

Parties are always such fun celebrations- and I'm always very thankful when people ask me to be part of them by providing the centerpiece!


Interested in scheduling Suzanne for your next event cake ?  Check out her website for inspiration! Warning: more chocolate pictures waiting to tempt you on every click  . . .

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