June 17, 2011

Make it fun–dress up an old photobook

I think I’m an ‘idea junkie’. I’ve got torn out magazine pages and note pad scribbles and all kinds of ‘ideas’ stacked everywhere. (You do this too, right?) My ideas really needed a home. 
In particular, I needed a home for all my Barn Sale ideas. It had to be cheap and cute or I knew I wouldn’t use it.
I found this old photo book I had stuffed somewhere. Cheap, but not cute.  But I knew I could dress it up a bit. 
Found some awesome fabric in my stash- measured around the photo book giving about and extra inch and a half overlap- then cut, cut, cut.
picture of fabric
I had a can of spray adhesive- so it worked very well for attaching the fabric to the exterior of the scrapbook. It dried very quickly. Then I folded over the edges to the inside- creased the corners and glued them with Mod Podge. (love that stuff!)
Next- found some fun X&O Live, Laugh, Learn scrapbook paper in my stash that is a true sentiment to all we've done with the Barn Sale----- Lived through each of them, Laughed a lot along the way-- and Learn more each year!!!!
inside scrapbook
Next- cut the paper to fit as close to the edges as I could without seeing it from the front of the book! Used Mod Podge to attach the paper to the inside and back covers. It took a bit longer to dry.
Now- I have a fabulous little album to put ideas and such in......It's a great size- 8x8 so I put little bits of this and that- even some tags from last year’s vendors as a reminder of the creativity that makes the Barn Sale so special and unique. I've got lots of ideas for this year!
inside scrapbook
I bet you have an old notebook or album lying around that could use some dressing up. You can do it! Find some fabric and paper and make it fun!
picture of scrapbook
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