September 03, 2010

girls and barns

We girls, have an affinity for barns. 
We like barns for various reasons. 
Sometimes we just love the barn itself. 
Sometimes a barn instantly stirs up something deep inside of us 
and we can’t help but let out a “whoop”

(For those of you not from around here, this is a landmark barn outside 
College Station, home of the Texas A&M University Aggies.)

We also like barns because of what we usually find near them. 
Things like beautiful old windmills. This is ours out back of the patio.

There’s usually a bundle of barbed wire leaning by the barn door, 
waiting for the next fence to be repaired.

And there’s always a bale or two of hay to be found. Presently the barn is the home of many bales of hay. Sometime in the near future, Suzanne’s cattleman husband will be asked once again 
to relocate the hay bales in order to make way for the annual Barn Sale

Little did he know when he built the thing that it would become the annual meeting place for tons of folks who would be coming out to fill their trucks and trunks with our own flair of  
vintage, antique, unique, funky, local, handmade, remade, or otherwise-made stuff!

What we really love, however, is what we find inside the barns. 
Especially barns that have been overlooked and somewhat abandoned. 
The best finds are sometimes just ordinary things with extraordinary character.

Of course, we like to add a bit of our own character to the things we find and make!

Chick cookies

chicken feeders
Our Chicken Feeders

These are some of the things we love about barns and what we find in them. We were inspired to write about barns from our friends at Brayton Homestead Interiors.  Their monthly online barn chick meeting looked like fun, so we decided we’d join in. The host is way up in Massachusetts, so we thought they surely needed some Texans in the crowd!

Join the fun by clicking on their link above or the Warren Kimble barn pic and taking a look around. 
And if you’re in Texas, mark your calendar for November 13th. 
You don’t want to miss our 3rd annual sale
You’ll see first-hand what we found in the barns this year. 
We’re working hard to get it all ready for you. 
Every once in a while we dream of taking a little nap, 
but we’ll wait until after November 13th for that!

The girls

We also linked up to Just for the Joy of It.