April 01, 2010

We have guests!

What do you think of pop-in guests? The kind that sort of just show up, and before you know it, they've invited a few more to join them? Kind of like college students home for break?

We girls have guests like that right now. They predictably pop-in around this time of year, but you never know how many there will be, or how long they will stay.

Never matters. They are always welcome, as many as want to come, and they are welcome to stay as long as they want! They are the best guests ever. Don’t need much of anything, and they don’t even mind if you kind of neglect them while they’re here. We’ve sometimes walked all over them and they don’t seem to mind. They never complain and usually come back every year, perfectly happy with the same accommodations we had for them last year.

Meet Rusted Gingham's Spring guests, the Texas Bluebonnets, and a few others they invited to come along with them this year.


They are brilliant and inspiring and just beg you to get right in the middle of them and stay a while. And yes, they really are this blue!

My girls love to find all the blankets of color and then take off running.


We have several fields near us that are just beautiful this year.


This is what my girls look like after visiting with the Texas Bluebonnets!


These are near our home in La Vernia. Where else have you seen Texas Bluebonnets this Spring? Leave a comment if you’ve found a favorite patch – tell us where it is - and maybe the rest of us can go pop-in and see them.


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  1. Your photos are awesome! The girls look so happy, and I'm glad that you had the chance to take their photos with all of the beautiful wildflowers.

  2. Anonymous4/01/2010

    Your girls are so beautiful. I love the photos taken in the fabulous wildflowers. You have way more there than we have here. Ours are just starting to pop out. I saw my first patch of bluebonnets this afternoon in fact on my way home from work. Your Gran is here with me and I was able to show her these pictures. Put a big smile on her face!
    We Love you,
    Aunt Cindy & Gran

  3. Anonymous4/01/2010

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I got to see the Texas Bluebonnets myself last spring when in Texas for the Spring Event. JUst fields of blueness make you wonder how you van keep that smile off your face. Just drive down any road and you will find them! Just awesome!

    Also your pies and cakes below look too GOOD!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  5. Ohhhh my lands those are breathtaking!! Great pictures you have catching the moments of the girls!! I have been tempted so planted some of those for my own flower garden..and after that post I'll be itching even more! Thanks for sharing, stopping in from Just for the JOY of it!

  6. You mean there are places like this that actually exist? Amazing!

    Thanks you for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us!

    Stopping by from Just For the Joy of It.

  7. STUNNING! I had no idea they were so Blue! Makes me want to move to Texas just to join your girls.

    So glad you linked up!

  8. Love the flowers!

  9. Ohhhhh my goodness--those are incredible! Someday I simply must see those!

  10. So beautiful!! I can see why you're girls are so happy! Thanks for giving me the heads-up to your site on Sweetopia - I look forward to visiting again!


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