February 25, 2010

Tickled Pink with Tink

Can you imagine the thrill on the face of the three year old birthday girl when she saw this cake? I am so amazed at how beautiful this is. A work of art.

Take a look at the little details Suzanne carefully added to this dreamy cake.

She has so much fun creating these beautiful cakes. Not a single one is alike. In this case, the order was for two cakes for two separate parties. So Tink was quite busy for this birthday. Suzanne’s kitchen was looking a bit like Never-Never-Land.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking “these kinds of cakes look good, but don’t taste that great”. Well, that is not the case with Suzanne’s cakes. Her cakes taste as good as they look. And that’s just fabulous!

Every cake I’ve ever eaten has been super moist and delicious. And she never settles for plain. (Unless that’s what you ask for.) She’s always got some kind of wonderful filling or chocolate something on top that just makes each cake extra special. Go take a look at more of her creations HERE.

I will be placing my annual order for a chocolate something cake in June. I like to leave the details up to her, because she always surprises me with something incredible. Here’s what she did one year:

Well, actually I can’t find that picture, but I’m sure it’s on HERE somewhere. I just remember it was totally chocolate and totally delicious. This beauty was another she did that I drooled over. Chocolate layered on chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate with some bright red strawberries and a few pecans. Works for me!

So have you tried one of Suzanne’s cakes or cheese cakes or Texas Sized       Sugar Cookies? Leave her a comment and let her know what has been your favorite. Interested in ordering some sweet treats or a birthday or wedding cake? Go HERE and put her to work.

You’ll be thrilled.

Tinkled pink.
(or whatever color you choose!)


  1. Anonymous3/11/2010

    Suzanne's cakes really are amazing. I had the priveledge of watching her make the two cakes seen here and was just in awe of her creativity and talent. She puts so much thought and TIME into her designs. And, she does all this in a small kitchen from her home with two small children running around!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding cakes ( 4 of them!) she's making this week. Sure to be gorgeous!

  2. OHHHHH! Beautiful cake! I love that it's not covered in fondant, but actually decorated with frosting! She was a very lucky birthday girl!

  3. Rachel2/04/2011

    wow awesome cake! I don't want to eat it!



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