September 11, 2016

Junk Gypsy BLT

Hey y'all---- my friends the Junk Gypsies spent almost half a year putting the pen to the paper- or the fingers on the keyboard to document for us what they've done as a family for the past 18 years.  The girls holed themselves up at The Wander Inn and wrote, wrote and wrote. Story after story after story. Their lives, their course (or not so much) dirtroads, blacktop, roadtrips, junkin, DIY, flea markets and their love of family- which is by far the biggest part of their business and the reason they have a business..... It was grueling work- really.... for two free spirits to be holed up day after day.....
On one of my trips up there I took some treats to keep them going.....

Yes- Sugar Cookies.... The girls may or may not have been on a sugar high for a few days.... anywho- I digress.... this book they've written, Yes, it is finished, complete, coming off the press.....  And guess what-----
Well, I've often wondered how some people get to 'read' a book before it's actually out for sale- like some of the authors I enjoy are always blogging about their friends 'so and so's book is so great....' and on and on.  Recently I received notice that the girls were needing people to be part of their 'BLT' and I'm not talking Bacon Lettuce Tomato (although that sounds ReaLLy good right now!)  I'm talking Book Launch Team!  So I filled out an application...and....guess....what...........
I was selected to be part of this team!

Completely Excited to be part of this team!!!! The Junk Gypsy Book Launch Team was given first digital read of this 'guide for junkers, dreamers, and gypsies' of all sorts.  It is an honor to sit at night when all is quite and read through it- but  Let me just say- the artwork.... well- you can see for yourself!  Quotes like Crazy throughout the book... as in ones you will want to write and hang on a wall, in your journal or just on a wall!! 

I'm kind of giddy getting to read this before it is released to the rest of the world- Oh and the cool part- YOU can enter to WIN a Weekend in Round Top- stay at their Wander Inn, airfare, Lunch with the girls, and a shopping spree worth $500.  Yes, you just read all that correctly!!!!  I cannot enter- so I'll gladly give you the opportunity- go to Junk Gypsy Book and enter!

These girls have stayed true to their roots through this entire 'ride' that they've been on.  I haven't seen them change yet- and I know that cannot be said for many people that have had success in their businesses.  This family is R-E-A-L and they Live life!  Come share in their journey... Pre- order your book today.... It comes out at the beginning of October- just in time for fall- curl up with this book and a warm cup of whatever you like to drink and get ready to laugh, cry and dream....

These pics are from a fellow BLT member... However- Pics in the book are from our friend April Pizana who is down right FAB with a camera!!!!  She caught one of my sweet girl at Junk O Rama prom y-e-a-r-s ago- that was my first opportunity to see her work, and let's just say I fell head over heels for it! April shot pics of our Barn Sale last year- what a treat to have her in the Barn!

Writing a book takes a l-o-t of time! The girls poured out so much for this- they want all of you to enjoy it for years and years and years to come!  Go ahead and go to the link provided earlier in the post and pre-order your copy today!!!

 Speaking of Junk Gypsy Prom O Rama.....  Here is a throwback ---

Just a little throwback to a Prom about 7 years ago..... Texas Antiques Week/s is upon us.... are you headed to Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, Burton, Shelbyville or anywhere in between???  Let us know!  We will be out and about. We are most excited about the evening of September 22nd.... The Gathering at Round Top is in it's 2nd year and we are thrilled to not just 'be there' this year- but to 'be part' of this year.  God has been putting words on my heart- I pray they will bless those with open ears to hear them.

I hope you have a fabulous week!  I'm headed back to my 'reading chair' to get more of the book read!!!  Go ahead and pre- order yours........

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August 15, 2016

Hey y'all- It's a Paint Party!

For us school is 1 week away- 1, uno, un, and I'm trying to get my mindset prepared as well as the schoolroom!  Yikes- how does summer always go so fast???? ( And yes-  I Know some of you have started back already! )

So in preparation of school starting and thinking that Moms, friends, teachers could have one last 'hurrah' before the constant daily schedule begins.......

Rusted Gingham is hosting a Mason Jar Painting Class at our fabulous local craft store called Craft Crossing

 Pam at Craft Crossing has brought a mini Hobby Lobby to our town- and she is closed on Sunday too! ;-) If there is a craft product that we need in 'little ole Gonzales' Pam typically has it!! She has fabric of all sorts and often hosts sewing/quilting classes too! She has a better selection of scrapbook paper than any other store I've been in, has stamps out the wazoo, a huge selection of die cuts, ink, glues/tapes, baking supplies, general craft supplies and a whole room of fabric and sewing notions- Gonzales is Fortunate that she chose to open her store here!!!

We have 14 spots available for this cute Mason Jar painting class using our Junk Gypsy Paints!  The fun part will be sharing the time with friends!  So, call a few and call Craft Crossing at 830-203-5303 to book your space for this Saturday August 20th at 6:30pm!!!

The jar length is 19" and 11" wide. Cost for the class is $30.

This would make a great teacher gift, Christmas gift- or your own gift!  (You can customize the saying if you like.... or use an initial for a door/classroom!)

Hope to see you Saturday!!!

Suzanne @Rusted Gingham

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July 29, 2016

Those little chicks

So last summer at this time we had cleaned out an old shed read all about it....
 It had to do with something I had been hoping and dreaming about....

These pretty 'reds' as we call them were a gift to little chicken farmer-

And since they were established laying hens when he received them- he was Pretty Excited the first time he found one of these.....

Now a year later from the 'big project' -----One of our Blue Black Splash Orpintons decided to take note of this nester... she went 'broody' on us!  Little chicken farmer was so excited to stop collecting eggs from her clutch of them----- we started counting and had a decent 'estimate' of when some little chicks might appear........

He texted me a pic from Cattleman's phone of a 'surprise' as he said--- This darling little thing!!!!  Oh how cute the little fuzzy looking things were! 
 That was #1- then two more followed in the next 3 days.... Wow- he is really a chicken farmer now! ;-)

This is the only pen to have a rooster- therefore the only ones that can hatch..... Our Biofelder Rooster passed away a few months back and recently little Chicken Farmer was able to purchase a new young one.... so we may have other chicks in a few months!

Seriously--- cute!!!  And peeped for days!!

Then a super sweet friend called and told me her incubator 'exploded' - not literally...... Meaning almost every single egg she had put in it hatched!  And to her youngest sons complete disliking she offered some of the chicks to my Chicken Farmer!  So, this is the 'nursery' in the pens.... Remember last summer when I said it was a good thing I had hoarded kept all those doors all those years.... Well, this 'gating' if you will- was a hand me down from one of the sweetest neighbors e-v-e-r!  She had used it with all her kids (4 to be exact that are all teenagers now) then we used it to protect ours from our wood burning stove in the winter.  Then it got put in our little storage thing.... and now- voila- back to use!! I texted her this pic to say 'you never know what your hand me downs will get used for here at Sexton farms.....'
 You can see how big our 3 Orpingtons have gotten-  The ones that were newly gifted are mainly 'Tophats' and you will see why below.....

With the exception of the black topped one (we don't know what it came from) all the new ones have the little feathers that look like mohawks on top of their heads!  We are enjoying watching this change almost daily!  In a few short months they are going to have crazy funny looking feathers on their heads!  I've always said I wanted some of these- so I'm very thankful to my chicken farming friends for blessing my little guy with these!

Now..... to build in one more pen!  We had left one section 'open' for 'growth' and nows the time for that!  So this weekend and next week in evenings Cattleman and little Chicken Farmer have some work to do!
Until then- this is what Chicken Farmers daily gathering looks like---
Farm Fresh-- $3 per dozen.  This is one Happy Mama here..... I truly LoVe having Fresh Eggs!!!!

I am pretty sure that Cattleman is thankful for all the labor of love from last summer- we have a very functional, useful, productive area now- and it gives little guy more responsibilities....

I will post pics of Tophats and Orpingtons sometime this fall when they've grown a bit more!!!  Hope you enjoy reading of these Chicken Adventures!!!

Till next time,

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July 26, 2016

100 Days Away!!!!

Hey Y'all- guess what......

Mark your calendars, call your friends, get the girls together, make a date with your honey... get your Christmas lists ready!

Be at the Barn--- JB Wells Showbarn
                           Gonzales, Texas 78629
                           Friday night 4p-8p
                           Saturday 9a- 4p

see you in 100 days!!!!

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July 22, 2016

18 Colors of Paint

Does that sound like too many colors to choose from?  18- Road Tested Colors as my friends the Junk Gypsies like to call them!

In case you haven't heard, Rusted Gingham is a retailer for the Junk Gypsy Chalk and Clay paint!  We have every color at our booth at Main Street Marketplace  in downtown Gonzales, Texas!

 We still have a booth upstairs with our Junky, REmadE, HandMadE GoOds--- but we were fortunate to get a Primo, Perfect, Slim little spot for the Junk Gypsy Paints after we took down our window display.....  This was what it looked like when we first saw it----

Then we took out the cabinet that was screwed to the wall- and the shelves... and we were left with this peach of a color.... So we asked our Insta and FAcebook followers to shout out some ideas- and they did!  Donna Koehler was the winner of an 8oz jar of paint- her choice for playing along with us!  In the end we chose- Happy Camper!  What a great subtle color to use as the back drop for all 18 colors!!   My youngest had to get in on the painting....

In between paint projects I took some time to bake some goods and create a space at our local Farmers Market!  What a great morning- I think next spring I would like to make a habit of this....
Toasted Pecan Banana Bread and Onion Zucchini bread were quick sellers- oh and some sugar cookies- which kind of disappeared rather quickly..... Grandma's tomato, cucumber, onion 'salad' was  a treat for many who said their Grandma used to make it!   

This bread is Delish- but doesn't use up near enough zucchini....

And toasting the pecans makes a world of a difference when it comes to baking- especially in this banana bread!
The shoppers were all so sweet- and excited to have things locally grown and hand made!
 I made some bouquets from everything that was flowering in our yard, fresh picked tomatoes, eggs from the younger's chickens, earrings from the older, potted Aloe Vera and even some ground beef from Cattleman- so I was representing the entire family!!!

For those of you that know me- you know I can't do just a table and my GoOds.... it had to look pretty and good enough to eat- and I will say that it did!

This little piece here has sat in the house for a few years- yes all scratched up!  I loved the barn reddish color of it- but since I'm in this 'brightening' things up mode.... I decided it was time to give it a little sprucing up. Mind you- I have to leave some of it scratched up.

In comes the Junk Gypsy Wanderlust for outside and insides, topped off with Buttermilk biscuit!  I left the shelves their natural color- they are going to be filled with family photo albums/scrapbooks.... 
In case you are getting geared up to pain and want a good sampling of all the colors we have to choose from....
 Buttermilk Biscuit, Gypsy Prom, Dreamcatcher
 Dirtroad Dreamer, Happy Camper, Wild Oats

Hippie Highway, Free Range, Wild Blue Yonder
 Landlocked Mermaid, Faded Jeans, Free Spirit
 Wanderlust, American Dream, Rebel Child
Flower Child, Granny's Cornbread, Singin' the Texas Blues

And what about that booth space that we painted.. well take a look here and see ---- click below
 our booth at Main Street Marketplace

Happy Painting!!!

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